It's that time of year ...


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It wouldn't be my first choice but I wouldn't be surprised if they are well made. They need to put sights on the rails.
I wouldn’t play serious pool on any table with spindly legs like looks like a power bank would make the table shift. I used to play backgammon in the 80s with a very wealthy man....he had a gammon set that cost a fortune.
....we would play on my tournament board....cost $100 from Crisiloid.
Those snotty companies often don’t do any research...that’s beneath them.


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Nothing like a good seasonal pool table.

Throw it away when the next “collection” comes out……

No wonder the guy who owns the parent company of LV Bernard Arnault is worth $150B. LVMH is his company. I met him once for 5 minutes. Seemed unhappy.

And people called me a crook. Selling pool tables for $150k isn’t cool, is it?


Not Fatboy Approved.

Call me a knocker, but I’m not down with this-and I like stupid expensive stuff.


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He’s making a list. He’s checking it twice.

LV has a line of pool tables that look pretty sporty:


I’m obviously a Neanderthal with no sense of style. I’d cover one of those with a three-quarter inch sheet of plywood and use it as a work bench. Then again might be able to list it locally in the classified ads for $500…then let it go for $150 with the accessories.


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I don't know. At first I was skeptical of the pricing then I saw that the break was absolutely consistent on all of the tables! I think NASA could learn from ol' loueee!



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How much would it cost to make a table with rails made out of Szambotis and Bushkas? Over 150k?


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I would love to know if they sell any. Looks like a $100 WalMart table they stuck leather on. I know there are some dumb rich people, but really, can someone be THAT dumb?


WO double hemlock
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If a player had his choice of these two tables....let me see....
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