just a simple new SEARING box

phil dade

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thank you

Wow, what a wonderful cue!
A genuine stunner, monster keeper of a cue.
Take great pride in it, but also open it up, enjoy it, to the fullest!
That is a ball runner!
Thanks for sharing.
Will Prout

First, thanks so much to everyone for all the nice comments.

A call out to Will Prout who introduced me to "box cues".

Will made me aware of AZ. :cool: I had no idea it existed. From time to time I would call and pick WIll's brain. In one conversation he told me of his passion for box cues. I had never seen or heard of such a thing. I figured this guy really knows his stuff and has a magnificent collection, I better get on this "box thing". So there you have it, thats' my story and I'm stickin to it.

A Special thanks to you Will for getting me off the merry widows :)

My best guys,

phil dade

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Great cue, congrats!! Could you please explain "xl192 taper"?

xl 192 taper: I will try my best, It is is what Dennis calls it. Dennis believes in wood behind wood and his standard shaft is conical. I great up playing in the 60's with a standard pro taper. 192 is the shaft/wood he selects based on hardness I think. xl is extra long. He takes his conical taper, wood behind wood which gradually gets larger moving towards the joint, and stretches it out longer. It is a hydrid so to speak with the attributes of a pro taper only it does gradually get thicker.

Dennis, if I explained it wrong correct me, but I think I got it.


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Tap tap tap

Phil sir yet another crown in the collection. Enjoy this gem in good health my friend. As usual Dennis, you never seize to amaze brother.
Dan Z