Konrad’s journey through suckage!

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Your wushu is weak!
Hey I’m posting a write up too.

Chapter 1.

So it took almost 6 mos and a whole lot of effort. Stroke after stroke. Day after day. Frustration upon frustration.

I thought I was shooting “ok” when I started back. This is after 15 yrs off mind you. Turns out I wasn’t. My whole entire stance and stroke were different. My head wasn’t lined up with my shots, and as it turns out it it was almost dumb luck balls were falling.

Where it began….My friend installed a table and invited me over a few times. It made me recall how much fun pool was back when. So I went to the hall a few times to get going on it. Get Back 2 Good

Then I had my own 9 footer installed in the garage. I hit it hard. Day after day. So about a month went by and I didn’t really get any better. I’m thinking. “There’s no getting back”.

I kept at it. Kept smacking the balls around. I had the table knowledge to make almost any ball, but even straight in balls wouldn’t always fall. I was Livin on a Prayer
Finally it hit me. Check my stroke. Sure enough I wasn’t aiming correctly and my stance was off. So I went through and adjusted. Ok I can shoot a bit better now. Long shots and cuts are falling better “Im half way there”.

But it still didn’t feel right. I can’t feel my shots like I used to. Let me go to some tournaments, play some better shooters, and see what happens. I lost horribly. 4 different opponents. Four losses. I’m a loser.
I don’t get it. I used to smoke guys like this. This is “pushing me off of life’s little edge” and “I’m takin the fall” today and forever I guess.

End chapter 1.


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I usually play at a certain spot. It is very league oriented and only has 3 nine footers on the other side of building. No one there plays 1P so I find myself practicing against myself.

I try to play both sides as honestly as possible with plenty of time to think and plan. I watch pro matches often as well. I thought I was starting to get the game down. Not great but I would’ve said I was maybe a 5-6 out of 10 on strategy.

I started playing at a new place that attracts some more serious players. Got into a cheap game with someone I know can play 1P. I expected to lose, but damn! There were some stretches where I just went from trap to trap for like ten shots. Barely escaping with my life each time until finally I’d mess up. Rarely had a shot and when I did I was so out of stroke I never ran more than 3.

Many instances I just had no idea what to do lol. Not exactly like your situation but sometimes reality smacks you up and it’s a good thing. Take several steps back and make an honest assessment, then decide what needs doing.

I took a 2 year break myself and been back at it for a couple months now. I feel like I was much better before but I think I’m remembering my good days only lol. I’ve never been guaranteed* to get out when I should so there’s some basic building block missing. I want to be great, but I also want to be great at playing and singing, and archery. Priorities