Mosconi Cup week 2018


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I'm calling it now. This is gonna be a repeat of John Schmidt vs Mark Gray. Break and run every single game.


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10 years of bad rolls, now that's something for a statistician. one would think that the amount of racks played in those years would even it out, but what do i know.. can there perhaps be another irrational factor involved, like a spell cast by a voodoo hex master?

It is true that U-roopp has been the superior team in recent years HOWEVER they have gotten more than their share of rolls and in short races with top players it makes a difference and could have changed some outcomes.

Lou Figueroa

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That might have been the out of the tournament by Skyler... coming with that jump, followed by the combo was clutch!

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Sky played brilliantly!

USA now 1 match away!!!

for whatever reason, I'm fining the facebook stream looks HD and youtube does not.