*** Official Mosconi Cup 2009 Thread ***


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Not quite, Oscar and Mika missed way more than Niels.

yeah that was an ugly match for sure. They blew alot of shape though neils has been missing makeable shots. and oscar's break gave mika at least 2 racks, he wasnt shooting to horrible.

He just missed another one.
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some of the best pool I've seen in a while. Absolutely flawless under amazing pressure. Impressive to say the least.


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Dominating and inspiring performance by Dennis Hatch. Nobody in the world was gonna beat him in that set.


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Johnny has not played today yet; I think he may be next.

Yep, it looks like Archer is up next, Europe is in tough to make it past this next match IMO. Yesterday in doubles with Corey Archer was making phenomenal shots off of less then perfect shape by Corey to lead them to victory. If he shoots like that Thorsten is gonna have to shoot his absolute best to have a chance.


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Bar is closing, where we going for breakfast?

JA on the hill, fuggetaboutit.

How about that Dennis Hatch feller? He plays pretty damn good doesn't he. You get more Dennis on TV there might be some viewership and more money in the game.