Pool chalk recovery system


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I was asked if it was possible to recover used chalk by someone and I found this.

I find it kinda funny that someone to lazy to walk around the table or keep track of their chalk would have enough time to get a patent like this done.. but well here is it.


Anybody seen this gizmo around?


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Few things more aggravating than having your chalk in a "remote location" on the table. :shakesfist:

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Imagine the deflection you’d get if you added a magnet to your shaft just behind the ferrule?

Could make playing with a magnetic cue ball difficult as well.

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Good Luck With That

Cause walking around the table one more time is a bad thing? Most pool players I know, need the extra steps. One of the few advantages of being tall. I just reach across.


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I thought that’s what the rake was for.

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It's a rare and talented individual that can reach across a big table with a cue and slap the chalk back across to his offhand without the chalk touching nary a ball on the table. But one such fella just typed this! lol

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Other methods previously invented were probably much better.
Chalk in a cup screwed on under the rail, You could have a chalk cube every foot if you were really lazy.
Or, the chalk in a container, on a string hung from the ceiling. I think they did use the rake to pull these to them.
Also there is a contraption that hangs from your belt and holds a cube of chalk that is held by a magnet. That way , the chalk is always where you are.
I was getting ready to play a guy one day and I was really young and naive.
He looked like he couldn't spell pool ,let alone play.
I casually asked if he played much and he said , "almost never."
Then he pulled a cube of chalk out of his front pocket to chalk his cue with, and the pocket was almost non existent because he had reached in and out of it so many times to get chalk!
I said," I think I'll go bowling" and went to another spot.


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I’m not too interested in a chalk recovery system.....
...but if he comes up with a bankroll recovery system....
....I’ll take a gross


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I was so hoping this was going to be a solution to the idiot that knocks a chalk cube deep into the pocket of a ball return table.


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They say "Diamonds are a girl's best friend"....so I gave my wife a box of Blue Diamond chalk on our anniversary. :thumbup:

She was not impressed. :embarrassed2: