Pool rooms at Lake George NY


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I don't know about Lake George but back in the day Glens Falls had a great room. Long time ago.


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Thx, hoping to stay occupied while wife and daughter walk around shopping. Thought it would be a better option than following them around chewing nitroglycerin pills. ��

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You could always head down to Million Dollar Beach and check out all the Russian waitresses trolling for a potential Rich American husband.


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If you will be staying at the south end of the lake, where all the "touristy" stuff is, then this place isn't too far: http://kingsmileybilliards.com/
Google Maps says it is about a half hour drive.

I've never been there, but it looks nice on their web site. :grin:


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Never heard of it or been there, but the homepage is someone playing straight pool so that is a huge +, I think first time I have seen a pool hall use straight pool on their web page.
I play league there. Gandy tables, recently recovered. I have never seen someone playing straight pool in there. There is a straight pool league at the Golden Cue in Albany, another 30 minute drive. You are much more likely to get a game there.

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There was one place up in Glens Falls years ago, not sure if it's still there. It was small, but had good equipment. [can't remember the name]

I think King Smiley's is closed as of a few months ago. It was a good place to play. Sad it's gone.

Best bets are heading south towards Albany if you really want to play. But, if you just have a few hours to kill, personally, I'd just spend it with the family. At the end of the line, nobody ever says "I wish I had played at one more pool hall" (vs "I wish I had spend 1 more hour with my family"). ha!



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Trick Shots is about the closest pool room to Lake George. They recently remodeled the bar area with a pretty nice outside patio. The tables are fair, but the lighting is dim. They regularly host leagues and local APA tournaments.

Golden Cue is a bit further south in Albany, but the tables are kept in great condition. They are mostly 9' GC 2's (I believe), with one 3C table, one 9' Diamond, and 4 Diamond bar boxes. They host APA leagues, Straight Pool Leagues, and usually have Wednesday 9 Ball Tournaments.
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