Pool Team Names: Clever, Funny, Great, Strange...


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have shirts made up with a picture of Chris Hansen with his famous tag line - HAVE A SEAT!! :p


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Oh man that Chris Hansen one is awesome.
Our 9ball team was Just the Tip and it was the four women on the team who decided it.
At an APA team event many years ago a team was called "Lighten Up Francis" If you like the movie Stripes like I do you can see how that name might be one of the best ever.


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i am the captain of apa 9 ball team......CLOWN BABY. if you watch it's always sunny in philadelphia you should know it.
what's your fighters name.
clown baby.
what? like a baby clown.
no no not a baby clown, clown baby.
and for bca......SCHWEATY BALLS. snl and alec baldwin fans should know that one.


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Some team names in our league that I find funny are: Ben Dover, Ballin 4 Fun or Cues 'Yer' Daddy. Masters team named Beer Belly All-stars.


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I ran into a team with a pretty funny name...

"When I think about cues I touch my felt"

Not a fan of the song but it made me laugh :grin:


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i played on a team called dix n chix and even though right before i started typing this i noticed someone else already said it ive seen the names off all the time and off constantly...get it...if you lose the other team can say we beat off all the time


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waking up this thread for some team names :grin:

"ERO Speedwagon"

guy teams:
"The hung and the breastless"

girl teams:
"Leave it to beaver"
"In the kitchen"


About ten years ago there was a local VNEA team with one good looking girl and the rest guys, team name was "8 Balls and a Rack"


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We are "The Mooseknuckles", all the ladies in the league love it. Really named after a guy we work with, his terrible bridge hand, somehow it works for him.


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My team that went to Vegas APA last session was Blue Hand Group. I thought it was really clever without being predictably perverted. Although one of our opponents in the tournament were Cunning Stunts. I got a chuckle out of that;)


We are trying to decide between: the sticklers, the ball scratchers, revenge of the nerds, phil and the tightey whiteys, and ghetto ballz (which I hope it isn't). What do you all think?


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A TAP team tried "Kill Whitey" as a name, but was rejected. So they became "Name Not Approved" .
A recent scotch doubles BCA tourney listed each team by the guy's last name first, followed by the gal's last name. The man on the microphone enjoyed announcing, several times, the team of Crow But and Kim Hole. "Now up on table 27..."


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We had a team call Kravin Morehead one year after the can-am they informed us that we would have to change in the next season.


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Going into next session and I wanted my team to have a name that was new and wasn't just a pun or pool reference. Not that some aren't very creative and funny, I just prefer going for the less obvious and so was born...

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

I can't take any credit, I saw it on a site devoted to computer-related WTFs...


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there's a team in my neighboring county called "Sweaty Grandma's"