Pool Team Names: Clever, Funny, Great, Strange...


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I play on a team with 7 guys and 1 girl and we are 14 balls and a rack.
Some other highlights from our regional tournament:
Scratch your Balls
That Felt Good
Pokers and Strokers
Sloppy Bawls
Felt Monkeys
Smokin the Green


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All Springsteen fans so we are "Tramps Like Us".

Know the lyrics, know the meaning.


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I once played on the Chinese National Volleyball Team

...and also on the Enucleators


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Some of my favorites from teams I have been on:

Last Place (it was awesome when won the league and Last Place was printed on all the trophys)

Belly Hooked (the team I currently captain. 4 of us are in the 300lbs plus range)

StepDads (we beat the s*** out of you, then f*** your mother. Classy I know)

LL Pool J

Island Drive

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TX team

Four men and one woman....still best Fun team name I've heard in a long time. 8 Balls and and Babe.:grin-square:


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"Our Meat"

We were undefeated for the entire session and we adopted the motto:

"Nobody beats Our Meat"

We finally lost in the 2nd week of the next session. That team began to loudly proclaim: "We beat Our Meat!"

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My fav is well my user name Busboy or the busboys? Why? We clean tables that's my team name!


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About 2 months ago i had a team take 2nd at a big casino tourny and our team name was "My couch pulls out but I dont"


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best ive seen with great story

don't remember if it was vegas or az state playoffs, but i see a team all wearing " free beer " shirts, one of the players tell me they are from a smaller town and most always win first in their league. one bar owner could never win and he wanted a winning team in his bar. he approched the team captain and ask what will it take for you and your team to play out of my bar?


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My team is 7and 1.
Started with 7 Irish and 1 Jewish player quite a few years ago.
Very mixed now would have to rename it 2 and 2 and 2 and 1 and 1 unknown.


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My old team was Below me Billiards
when said over the PA it sounds like Blow me... but either way we thought it was funny


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here is some team names from my area.

scooters minions ..yea the captains name is scooter

the woodpeckers captains name is woody

i'd hit that

can't beat luck

rail beaters

toot your noodle

nice rack !!!

i 124 cue... say that one fast lol


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We just changed up our 8-ball team after a few years together, added a few different players. As usual, no early consensus on a team name.

We're playing a couple weeks ago, and one of us, coulda been me, coulda been our SL7, made a bad shot. As is often our custom, the player said something to the effect of "I donkeyed that one."

The other of us looked up and said "that's it! Beer Drinking Donkeys!"

There we are. We are having a ball with it. League is fun again, the right group of people, intending to have fun, makes all the difference.