out of business?

Joe Rogan

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The site is down, and the message there says the account is suspended.
I hope it's temporary, I really like that site.


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lol... I don't think it's that serious.

Looks like some issues with his host, I'm sure he'll resolve it.

Jorge, if you read this, I'm going to be at Sharp Shooters tonight, hope to see you there. Maybe we can play some 1P.
If you're having any problems with your host let me know, I can help.


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i loved this site, and watched every single game in there... its lovely 'cuz its free' lol no im kidding, its just nice to watch games like that and i hope they dont stop.


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No ,it does'nt look good.Too bad,its a great site.
Off the topic.......Joe are you coming up to canada(montreal)for the big fight next month?I heard they sold over 15,000 tickets for that.


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Alot of time Lunarpages will suspend accounts that are over bandwidth, using too much CPU resources, etc.

I doubt it's anything bad, but a phone call might need to be placed to the owner of the site to advise them.