RIP Scott Lee


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Shocked to hear. Scott gave me my only 1 on 1 lesson I ever had. He left me with videos and reading material from the lesson. Great instructor, great person to deal with, He will be sorely missed.

RIP Scott


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Shocked to hear about this. I had no idea he was battling cancer. Very sad news. The pool community suffered a big loss.


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Very sad news. Very, very sad.

He was always helpful and encouraging to me here. I greatly appreciated it...


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I only had a few PMs with him, but he was polite and professional. I have enjoyed reading his posts as well. Sorry to hear this. I wish his family well.


In a sport where most spend their time complaining, Scott found a niche. Wherever he went he left it a better place for him having been there. I hope his legacy will not only be all the players he helped, but maybe inspire a few more who can take up where Scott left off.
His passing has to be more then just a few words on an internet forum. What he dedicated himself to needs to continue.
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That's shocking news. He was at my home for a lesson just a few months ago. A real pro and a great instructor.

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Jeesh. A friend and I were gonna meet him again when he got in town.
Did not know he was ill.
Farewell Scott. We're gonna miss you.


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My heart goes out to his family and friends. Scott was a master instructor no credentials needed. He was a powerful influence in my life.
His lessons last forever, he did not deal out magic feathers.
Thank you, Scott RIP


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I was very saddened to learn of his passing. Scott was a teacher, mentor, and true ambassador for the game. He will be sorely missed.


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Never met the man, talked to him once years ago on phone when he was coming to Valley to teach, call was about doing Free pool clinic at local Boys n Girls Club. had a few PMs back and forth about Pool.

Scott was class act, when Scott was in most towns teaching he would teaching, he would do clinic for free with local youth clubs to promote pool.

Man was great Ambassador for pool. He will be missed.
Quite a tribute...speaks highly of Scott, he giving time to youth. Many of those youth will remember him. So...he lives on. :)


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very sad to hear this, he came to my house once to give me lessons.

(the only person I ever took lessons from)


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very sad news
i did not know he was sick
R.I.P. scott
you will be missed
condolences to your loved ones