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Hi Bob !

One of the days I'll learn how to work that VPN scam. I suppose Eurosport are forbidden from showing footage to 'Merkins. Or maybe they just don't like us.:(

My good friend Scaramouche and one time side kick used to educate me on here as to what to do when posting etc .

So you's dude's can't see Eurosports Snooker posts ?

I don't know , looks like that's the way but anyway we move on.....


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What is Ronnie O'Sullivan's favourite Crucible 147 of all time?

What is Ronnie O'Sullivan's favourite Crucible 147 of all time?
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Ronnie O'Sullivan celebrates his 147 in 2008.Ronnie O'Sullivan celebrates his 147 in 2008.
Ronnie O'Sullivan celebrates his 147 in 2008.

Ronnie O'Sullivan holds the world record for the fastest 147 in history – but has revealed it is not his favourite Crucible maximum of all time.

The most memorable moment of O'Sullivan's 27-year career was arguably constructed in the first round of the 1997 World Championship when he made a perfect break in only five minutes and eight seconds of a 10-6 win over Mick Price.

But the five-times world champion – who has made a record 15 maximums and counting so far – prefers his effort in the final frame of a 13-7 win against his old rival Mark Williams in the second round 11 years later.

It was his third Crucible 147 on his way to winning the 2008 title with an 18-8 win over fellow Essex player Ali Carter, who split the £147,000 highest break prize with his final opponent after emulating O'Sullivan's effort against Peter Ebdon in the quarter-finals.

He believes it was the "perfect timing" for him to make such a swashbuckling break after fearing he was going to be hammered with a heavy fine and a ban after apologising for making lewd comments in a press conference during the China Open in March 2008.

O'Sullivan also loved his Eurosport punditry colleague Jimmy White's 147 in the 1992 World Championship – only the second maximum of 10 in total in the history of the Sheffield event after Cliff Thorburn's historic 147 in 1983.

"I loved Jimmy White's 147 at the Crucible in 1992 when he was in his prime and was sporting long hair," recalls O'Sullivan, who earned a whopping £328,500 for his efforts over the 17 days at the Crucible 12 years ago.

"Tony Drago gave him a big hug. It was a terrific break. It was a great moment for Jimmy. Of course, I enjoyed my 147 in just over five minutes in 1997, but that wasn't my favourite maxi.

"It was a good one, but for me personally the one against Mark Williams in 2008 tops the list. It came at a good time because I had just got done for making lewd comments on a microphone in China. There was talk about me getting banned.

"I thought what reason could I give the authorities not to ban me? It was either win the World Championship or make a 147. So I got the 147, and I thought 'lovely'. That is the only reason why I showed a lot of emotion when I made it.

"I heard they were going to make an example of me. So I thought that would make them think twice, and also pay the fine that they were going to give me for the China episode. I went onto win and also had the 147. I thought: 'They can do what they like now, I don't really care.' It was great timing for me."

O'Sullivan was fined only £2,750 by the game's authorities, docked 700 ranking points and warned about his future conduct in June 2008 as his initial fears failed to materialise.

#OnThisDay: Ronnie O’Sullivan’s record 147 from 1997WATCH
#OnThisDay: Ronnie O’Sullivan’s record 147 from 1997


Snooker's top 10 maximum men
Ronnie O'Sullivan - 15
Stephen Hendry - 11
John Higgins - 9
Ding Junhui - 6
Stuart Bingham - 6
Shaun Murphy - 5
Tom Ford - 5
Judd Trump - 4
Marco Fu - 4
Neil Robertson - 4
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World Championship first round draw
Judd Trump Eng (1) v Qualifier
Yan Bingtao Chn (16) v Qualifier
Stephen Maguire Sco (9) v Qualifier
Kyren Wilson Eng (8) v Qualifier
John Higgins Sco (5) v Qualifier
David Gilbert Eng (12) v Qualifier
Jack Lisowski Eng (13) v Qualifier
Mark Allen NI (4) v Qualifier
Mark Williams Wal (3) v Qualifier
Stuart Bingham Eng (14) v Qualifier
Ding Junhui Chn (11) v Qualifier
Ronnie O’Sullivan Eng (6) v Qualifier
Mark Selby Eng (7) v Qualifier
Shaun Murphy Eng (10) v Qualifier
Barry Hawkins Eng (15) v Qualifier
Neil Robertson Aus (2) v Qualifier


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Fuming Ronnie O'Sullivan.....

Fuming Ronnie O'Sullivan threatens to PULL OUT of the World Championship and forgo potential £555,000 prize if they go ahead with ‘insane’ plan to let fans in on July 31 as one of the UK’s first spectator trials :

Ronnie O'Sullivan insists he WILL play at the World Championship even if crowds are let in as 'the Rocket' is ready to put up with 17 days living in a Crucible bio-bubble for just one reason — the world title :

Ronnie O'Sullivan on Peter Ebdon's snooker torture tactics – 'Ebbo should get a memorial award' :


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Ronnie O'Sullivan: Snooker players treated like 'lab rats'

Quote .

" O'Sullivan said: "I defy anybody if they have been keeping their distance from people for four months to say, oh right, now you've got to go into a room full of people - unless you have got a death wish, and some people have in many ways and they just don't care.

"But if you are one of these people that happens to care about your health and are taking it seriously, I totally get how he feels.

"I would feel a bit strange walking in a room with 10 people I don't know, and I have done. I didn't feel comfortable.

"So I totally respect where Anthony is coming from, and where other people are coming from - they want crowds in there, they want things back to normal. We have a choice we don't have to go and play. We all run a bit of a risk.

"I don't think it's a risk worth taking. I have the option not to play but I've decided to play. Maybe with 5,000 fans I could see it's a bit of an income you're going to lose, but 200 fans, is it really?

"Maybe they have to start doing a test on crowds at some point and I've heard people say they're treating the snooker event a little bit like lab rats - you've got to start somewhere, start with snooker players.

"Less insurance to pay out for Anthony Hamilton than there is for Lewis Hamilton."

O'Sullivan says he has had friends die from Covid-19 and has not been within 20ft of his mum who is in the "high risk" category as she had pneumonia last year.

"It's not until you've had people close to you that have gone through it, and know someone who has died," he said.

"And I've had nurses who I have spoken to and they say, 'People have come in with Covid-19 and they think they are going to be alright and it's not until they can't breathe that they say "please don't let me die".'

"Grown men and women crying their eyes out because they can't breathe. It's only when something like that happens and you hear those stories that you go 'hold on a minute, this is serious'.

"I don't think it has been taken seriously enough."

The opening matches begin at 10:00 BST live across the BBC, with defending champion Judd Trump in action against Tom Ford, while O'Sullivan starts his campaign against Thailand's Thepchaiya Un-Nooh on Sunday.


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World Championship: Ronnie O’Sullivan 'wouldn't mind losing' to 'nice guy' Thepchaiya

My outrageous bet Thepchaiya Un Nooh made it through the Qualifiers so when the draw put him against Ronnie O'Sullivan I thought no chance , hardly worth looking into that bet now but as John Virgo would say ' You just never know in this game "

Then you read things like this and who know's what type of Ronnie O'Sullivan will turn up , every chance if it's the Ronnie 'I can't be bothered' O'Sullivan who decides to turn up ! :rolleyes::thumbup:


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Foulds: The only reason Ronnie O’Sullivan wouldn’t be a contender is spite - Listen t

All depends on which Ronnie shows up . If it's Ronnie 'I can't be bothered' O'Sullivan , he's out but if it's Ronnie 'Genius' O'Sullivan it's his title for the taking and maybe Judd Trump and Neil Robertson saying he should pull out and calling him selfish might be like showing a red flag to a raging bull but we will soon find out .


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Ronnie O’Sullivan: ‘This is one event I never really enjoyed’

yeh, being a great snooker/pool player doesn't always equal being a great guy, we all know that

but the article fails to mention her own addictions to cocaine and alcohol, which ronnie has cited as reasons to minimized contact

World Snooker Championship 2020: Ronnie O'Sullivan makes Prince William comparison :

Ronnie O’Sullivan dealing with pressure like Prince William, but wants rid of it like Prince Harry :

World Snooker Championship: Why Ronnie O'Sullivan has been trying to emulate Prince Harry :

Not exactly the best moment in time to get involved in comparisons with the Royal Family is it ?

There's a Chinese Snooker on here and Ding Junhui is 3/1 to knock out Ronnie O'Sullivan at Skybet : .

Ding Junhui
Ronnie O'Sullivan


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Deer Hunter (1978) - Russian roulette scene (3 bullets)

Ronnie O'Sullivan: Snooker's young players are so bad I'd have to lose an arm to fall out of top 50 :

Ronnie O'Sullivan responds to Ding challenge to reach record-equalling 19th Crucible quarter-final :

World Championships 2020 Verdict's .

Round 1 . Ronnie O'Sullivan 10 V 1 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh .

Un-Nooh showed too much respect and froze .

Round 2 . Ronnie O'Sullivan 13 V 10 Ding Junhui .

Ding played well but turned up without a long ball potting game and maybe he needs spectacles .

Round 3 .

Up against Snookerbacker's selection Mark Williams lets see what Ronnie O'Sullivan can do .

Deer Hunter (1978) - Russian roulette scene (3 bullets) :

Ronnie O'Sullivan V Mark Williams .


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The Jam - In the Crowd

Without crowds and all the Crucible distractions Ronnie hates he will be super tough to beat.

I've been wondering how the late great Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins would've dealt with the no crowd and canned applause situation .

Some players feed off the energy the crowd supply but Ronnie O'Sullivan has dealt with the situation well so far.....:rolleyes::wink::thumbup:

The Jam - In the Crowd :

Yeah , that's it !
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