Roy Malott Passing


Roy E. Malott

passed away August 4, 2017. He was a resident of Indianapolis and the owner and operator of Indy Cue Shop.

Roy was the owner of Indy Q Shop from 1993 until his passing in August. Roy was a pillar in the billiard community for many years and will be missed. If you have any inquires, please contact Mike Stacey.

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Rest In Peace

Sad to hear of Roy's passing.

I never met Roy but he did me a big favor transacting a purchase for me on a vintage cue in his local area. He wouldn't accept more than $25.00 for his services. He even sent me a couple of accessories/goodies along with the cue.


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I met Roy at Derby City and he was very friendly, I never conducted any busn. with but enjoyed going to his web site. Sorry to hear of his passing, RIP.


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I was informed of Roy's passing by a close friend in mid-August, and was deeply saddened to hear the news.
Roy was a good friend to most all ICCS exhibitors world wide, and news of Roy's passing was a blow to many at the show.
I knew a great person for many years, and he was a good friend.
RIP Roy, you will be missed but not forgotten.
Will Prout

...and thanks to stikman68 for this thread....
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I had only one or two experiences with Roy but none the less he was great to deal with.


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Sorry to hear this sad news. Condolences to the family. Roy helped me in connection with some nice cases that he carried. He was great to talk to, fair, and knew his products well. Once I started dealing with Roy, I did not buy cases from anyone else.


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A fine gentleman...have done business with him over the years. He always went above and beyond his service for me. Had a chance to visit his shop about 12 years ago (not long after his place was robbed and Roy ruffed up). Roy was a gracious host and always offered me a fair deal on what he was selling. The one thing that used to get under his skin was what he referred to as the "tire kickers"...we had a good laugh over that. RIP Sir.


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Great guy to deal with....I am still shooting with my Jerry Olivier sneaky pete that I bought from a few years ago.
RIP Roy.....


Absolutely love this cue.
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Hey Mike,

Very sad to hear...

This is Danny Adamopoulos - I met you a few times at Roy's house about 3 years ago. I was working with Roy helping him organize, sell, and I did some stuff on the site for him.

It doesn't seem like the site ever got updated after him and I got into it and split.. Still talked a bit after I left though.

Is his lady letting you sell the remainder of his cue stock?

If you want to talk there are three cues he had that I would be interested in buying if he still had them.

A Schick, one of yours, and maybe the Thomas Wayne.

Contact me on here maybe we can meet up? I have a restaurant on the south side of Indy about 10 minutes from Roy's house if you want to stop by

Regards and tell MJ I'm very sorry.

Danny Adamopoulos.