Slug-Doctor Tight Rack - FREE Giveaway (ending 1/07/11)


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** START UPDATE ** 1/8/2011

Thank you all for participating.

The secret post number was 211. :D

The winner of the Slug-Doctor Tight Rack System is:

Post #211 ... btoneill


For those who missed out on winning, you can still pick up your own Slug-Doctor for only $24.95!



** START UPDATE ** 1/7/2011


The secret post number PM'd to Mike (AZHousepro) did not get reached! I am extending the contest for an additional 24 hours.
My apologies. I did not anticipate the lack of activity based on the previous giveaway.

New END date/time is now January 8, 2011 at noon 12pm (PST).



Happy New Year to All! I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season.
For those who may have missed my first giveaway, here's another opportunity.
Btw, congrats to MoNkEyNuTz and justadub for winning the first giveaway!


I will be giving away one FREE Slug-Doctor Tight Rack System. Product details and demo
video can be found here:

Also, see this AZB thread for some feedback on my product:

One secret number has been chosen and PM'd to AzHousePro (Mike). The person
who replies to this thread on the secret numbered post will win a free Slug-Doctor Tight Rack System.
The contest ends January 7, 2011 at noon, 12:00 pm (PST).

* Your post number is the # located on the top right of your post... (#X) *


  1. Winner will be notified via PM when the giveaway has ended. I will also update the starting post to indicate what the secret post number was and who the winner.
  2. Post as much as you like. More posts = more chances to win.
  3. Separate winners per giveaway. If you are a previous winner, you are excluded from this contest.

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I doubt post #3 will be the winner, so I'll take this opportunity to say thanks again for the first contest.

And to let everyone know that i4pool shipped them out FAST! I got mine today, 3 days coast-to-coast. Cool.

Thanks again, and everyone have fun coming up with different things to say as you post away! :)


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I can't complain if I don't win, since I just won a cue from Jim Pierce. But here goes nothing.....