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My vision is for a room like the local "Red Lobster" building where you walk into a lobby and there is a room on the left and a room on the right. One is smoking and one is non. Both are closed doors so no cross over smoke. It offers the additional revenue opportunity of high end cigar sales in addition to food and bar revenue IMHO. I have never seen such a set up in person but it seems friendly to all concerned with added income. Here in Georgia, (at least in my town) smoking indoors is still allowed in bars, and this set up would qualify.
There was a place in Russellville Arkansas like that


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Smoking is a vile addictive habit whether smokers will admit or or not. Smokers look like they are getting a fix while they are smoking because they are. First thing in the morning guess what they do, time for a cigarette, classic addiction. The areas around stop signs are littered with butts. Smokers drive down the road tossing the spent butt and filter wherever they like. Another way you can be sure they know it's bad. How many smokers do you see with the windows of their cars rolled up while they smoke? Just about none, why cause it stinks. Their cloths stink, their bodies stink, their homes stink, their cars stink, cigarettes are nasty. They are addictive as well and are a contributing cause of so many diseases. Cigarettes should have been banned years ago..


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Holy cow you don't know how lucky you were!
Never know, might have caught on... then franchised.
__ UPDATE (July/10/2021) __
Went down there couple weeks ago, that steak place folded up... LONG time ago, the place once again sits vacant.
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Before covid it was 80/20 smoking/non-smoking in the places I played. Restaurants were allowed to open up before bars so many used their restaurant license to open which do not allow smoking inside. Some took advantage of the downtime to clean-up and remodel. Most never allowed smoking back inside. Now only one place still allows smoking inside.

I always heard the argument how places would lose so much business if they stopped allowing smoking, but I have not witnessed this. They grumbled at first, but then got used to stepping outside. Even if they lose a couple patrons, they can now gain people that were avoiding them because of the smoke. I love it. I don't stink (of smoke) when I get home, and I get more table time when they step out.


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I’ve never smoked anything in my life...not even once.

It’s been over 30 years here in Canada since smoking was permitted in any places I frequent. I have some knowledge of 45 or 50 fellow billiard players outside of the sport...through our dance group, hiking, ball hockey, etc. I don’t know of any who smoke. Or, if they do, it must be in private as smoking in our social circle had a stigma of being ‘retarded’.

I’d guess about half drink alcohol. However, can’t recall anyone getting ‘drunk’ in the last couple decades. Years ago guys would joke about getting hammered. These days getting drunk is as if you hung a sign around your neck that reads ‘village idiot’.

Anyways, I wouldn’t enter any place to play pool or to do anything else if there was smoking permitted. I don’t know anyone who would. Places in the USA are just a different culture than where I live....perhaps COPD is so common it’s part of the local culture.
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Smoking is out of Vogue, few place allow smoking inside public places. Except is VFW, American Legion type private Clubs, and Cigar lounges.


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You can't smoke anywhere outdoors and only in small areas of a patio in the Beautiful Downtown Burbank area.

You can't smoke anywhere outdoors or indoors in a public place like a pool room in the City of Calabasas just North of LA LA Land.

PS: If Room owners still allow smoking then they should install electronic air cleaners in a number of places to keep the air decent. In Grand Junction, Colorado we had a unit above each set of bowling lanes and you could not tell anyone was smoking.
Electronic air cleaners do not do enough.


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I am an ex smoker, I quit in 1992.

I despise the smell of tobacco after this much time.

That being said, smoking vs non smoking should be at the sole discretion of the business owner with a legal obligation to do no more than post a sign on the entrance(s) designating whether it is a smoking or non smoking establishment.

As a libertarian I cannot see any moral justification for the non smoking crowd to impose their will on the smokers, or vice versa.


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The pool hall I go to periodically only allows smoking in the outside patio area. I personally would never patron any place that allows for smoking indoors. Not interested in breathing that crap in or going home with the smell.