Song that made you play your heart out?

This is from the if its happened to me I'm sure it's happened to many of you department.

I was playing this guy who regularly tore me a new one at the table. The guy is one of the best bar box players in the area. No matter how many times I'd lose to him I would keep going back for more. Sooner or later I was going to hand him a good whooping.

One night we were playing each other in an 8 ball tournament and he'd won the lag, broke and came up dry..just then Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" started playing on the juke box. I got into the song and particularly the part where Dylan sings "how does it feel?". I beat the guy 5-1 that night and went on to take 1st. He has since lost his fair share of matches to me.

Funny how the right song, at the right time can get you pumped.

So what song or songs have done it for you?


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Rocket Queen by GNR. There was this bowling alley about 30 miles from where I used to live with a 3 table room off to the side. Had a bunch of video games and stuff in there with a jukebox that only had a few good songs on it. Rocket Queen was the popular song, played probably 5-6 times an hour in this place. Anyway, it was in a part of the state where there wasnt a lot of stuff for the kids getting out of high school to do, so a good majority of them would go into the military in the summer. Well, round about September/October, they would come home from boot camp with a pocket full of money. Me and a buddy of mine would buy a few bottles of booze, and fill a huge cooler with beer and go hang out for a few days (bear in mind I was late teens, early 20s around this time). It was a bit of a party atmosphere out in the parking lot and in the game room too. One particular visit to this town proved HIGHLY profitable, I was betting guys big money by the game, side betting the rail... I went home very happy after that trip. ;)
And all the while, Rocket Queen blared on the jukebox. :D


You know... Sometimes this happens but, I have often found that its when you have everything tuned out (tunnel vision and hearing) you seem to have the best games ever... ;)



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song to win by

When I first started playing pool in the middle 70's it was Young Blood by Bad Company. I played it every time I had a chance before I played my first match.

Now I play Sympathy for the Devil by the Stones. :D


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You dont mess around with Jim and Bad Bad Leroy Brown..Jim Croce..guys would get pissed cause i would

through $5 in quarters in and hit those same buttons..won me alot of money in Ring

Games..oh what a Money..and fast Women!!!!!
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"Johnny Be Good", by Chuck Berry lol. There were a lot of the old songs that got me cranked up on a pool table. I was always a bit of a show-off anyhow on a bar table. Not as bad as Tom Cruise...but sometimes very close to it. It really was just part of the hustle. Show off and act cocky and guys want to beat you so bad they don't give a thought about the money or that they aren't as good as you. Johnnyt


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ever seince i was a little boy at the pool hall "guns n roses patience" has done it for me!


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Ole black betty , ram jam played it so much they took it off the juke box.

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'Guantanamara' by the Sandpipers usually does it for me. Then sometimes a little number by Slim Whitman is all it takes. :)


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crush em by megadeath
down with a sickness by disturbed
superstar by salvia do you want it by 2pac


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You're Having My Baby, Paul Anka or Muskrat love will generly get me playing at top speed;). jjkk


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I seem to play really well when i am playing MeatLoaf on my mp3 player lol ( huge fan lol)
i had my high run Thursday night ( 21) and i started the run with "paradise by the dashboard light" lol guess it helped
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