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Southwest is already the most copied design on the market. Has been for years. It has already been reverse engineered and clones and copies are everywhere.

Well about the only thing then is to pray someone don’t cope the Number Pins with Cactus, and flood maker with fakes.


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I waited patiently and have 8 of them. Hope to get a few more. Like others said, she doesnt ask for a deposit and then run off with your money like other cue makers. I also like that she wont transfer a name on her list. It's your name, it's your spot. There is no better cue - play or investment wise. Haters gonna hate.

And I have no true knowledge, but I have to think the end is coming soon. They used to make 350-400 cues a year. Now they make 75-100, if that. Has nothing to do with a cash grab for her, I'm pretty sure Laurie has all the money she needs. Age and covid have slowed the cue building process.


I'm on the list for a few more years at least. But wondering what are the starting costs now? Is there a table of options with costs? I know it'll be more by the time it's my turn, but just curious what pricing is like now.


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What about Mickey Bunker ? Nobody mentions his name when it comes to Master Cue Makers. He is a great Cuemaker. One of the Main reasons South West cues have the recognition that they have is because Mr. Bunker.
My respect to him at 150%.


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That's a fucking lie.

As I said before post up your proof.

It's funny you started bitching about me one year before your cue was due and here you are posting your not bitching about South West being late.

I have the documentation. Even more I called and spoke with Ron Hailey about it as well. Sadly, Ron said he had given you some cue making equipment and you were too lazy to get it installed. He said he was ashamed of you, and really didn’t understand what was wrong with you. Are you calling Ron a liar too?

Some folks cannot be helped, and they turn into overweight slobs.

I will be at the Derby City Classic in January, If you want to say anything like the above to my face, we can settle it up then. Trust me it won’t end well for you.
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