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Anyone in the North Carolina / Raleigh Area? Possibles...

Has anyone had these cues go missing in the North Carolina / Raleigh area?

I have been communicating with the buyer and with the combo of willing to take $150 shipped, the barbershop, spelling cues as "ques", not familiar with PayPal, etc. -

Super Duper Red Flag HERE

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Petree Break/Jump taken from Bullshooters

This 2006 Petree Jump/Break was taken by table 15 at Bull Shooters in Phoenix AZ. This was in April of 2018. Someone mentioned to me at the time that they or someone had found a cue. At that time I was not aware I was missing the cue. I never looked and assumed I had all of my cues. A person of interest knows nothing at this point. It may be in Calif, just a suspicion. Included is the description on the sale page. Any help is appreciated

Another Petree masterpiece
I just received a super nice wrapless jump/break (and play, if you like) cue from JW Petree. I know I have said this about other cues, but this thing is gorgeous. The color combination and the richly grain orange flame cocobolo just make this cue the nuts!! Specifications are:

5 super long, razor sharp cocobolo points
3/8x10 wood to wood joint
Natural Linen joint collars with really nice maple/linen dash rings
Radial jump break pin with natural/black joint rings
Some of the nicest cocobolo in the handle you will ever see
Natural Linen phenolic Hoppe ring
Black Phenolic butt cap
One 13mm shaft w/super pro tip
18.5 ounces


This cue is SOLD!! Thanks!!

Playing Cue: Custom Conversion by Joe Callaluca
Break Cue: JW Petree Custom J/B
Case: Custom Jim Murnak 3x6
Location: Western Maryland
Other Cues: Several...


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Petree Break/Jump taken from Bullshooters

Another Petree masterpiece
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Learned my lesson and will take pictures of my cues from now on. No pictures to speak of. Left the cues in an Uber and the driver claimed they were gone by the end of his shift.

  • Predator Z2 shaft (+ Kamui clear soft)
  • Predator 314-2 shaft (+Kamui clear soft)
  • Lucasi cue (dark red wood with black grip and checkered collars)
  • Lucasi cue (looks like the Lucasi L2000JB but it's not a 3 piece)
  • Cuetec Earl Strickland cue with sharpie'd out ferrule

Oh well, a reason to get new gear, I guess.

Austin, TX area
All uni-loc except for the Cuetec
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Cue has been returned 3 1/2 yes later!! Thanks to whoever found the cue!! Guy bought it at local fleamarket... Looked up cumakers name from the signature and found my post detailing it was stolen. Called the pool hall (side pockets in NJ) and the cue us now home.

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Wow that's amazing man.


Had the following stolen this week (NW Arkansas area). Really wish I would have taken pictures of them but didn't even think this would happen. The things that would stand out is my case was autographed by Jeanette Lee right on the top of it.

Lacusi Custom - LZ2004NB
Lacusi Zero Flex Slim shaft (11.75mm)
Bazooka cue extension
2x2 oval Case with Janette Lee's autograph on the top.

Reward would be offered if found.


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Just curious if we could make a sticky with pictures of stolen cues in it so none of us out there buy one or might be able to help someone recover theirs.Just an idea,so post your pics and any info here. :)

This would have helped me a TON when my last cue was stolen.


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This was stolen from my car in west Los Angeles near the end of November 2018

One is a custom cue from Coll Cues (It says CC on the bottom) and the other is a Bk3 break cue with a noticeable chip at the joint.

The custom cue is made of mango wood and one of a kind - no one else has that cue. The wood grain is very unique.

I also had my predator butterfly case (3x 4) stolen as well as my predator jump cue.


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Help find owner....

I had an abandoned van towed off my land in MS, it had temporary Indiana tags that expired years ago. Inside was a hidden pool cue, antique leather case, David Howard by Meucci, I believe Star of David. For I know NOTHING about pool cues. If this might belong to you please tell me what is engraved on the case so I can return to you. Thanks


Just curious if we could make a sticky with pictures of stolen cues in it so none of us out there buy one or might be able to help someone recover theirs.Just an idea,so post your pics and any info here. :)

I have an old friend who has been playing for a very long time, goes every Friday to the same club as me, and one day after the game he left his cue on the table and went to the toilet, when he returned, there was no cue on the table. We thought it was someone's joke or that someone simply removed it because the cue was in the way. We started asking everyone if someone had seen a cue or someone with a cue. Nobody saw anyone. Later we went out into the street and saw this on the sidewalk near the club ...596832.jpg

WHAT FOR:angry::angry::angry:


Kevin Carlberg visiting Phoenix had some cues stolen recently.1/02/2021

- 3X6 case made by Tony Viesti
- TAD preserial cue
- Joss cue
- Schon SP 47
- sneaky Pete with an ivory joint

$1000 reward no questions asked.

Thanks for keeping an eye out!


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These facts are about stolen property law in Tennessee. Other states may have varying laws.

Several years ago, I represented a fellow who had a very unique banjo stolen. The banjo was located 20 years later at a music festival. The banjo was worth about $3,000. The maker had made only 201 banjos, and was deceased. His banjo's became very collectible in the old-time music world (not bluegrass).

The fellow that had the banjo refused to return it to the owner, despite tons of proof of ownership. He demanded the full value of the instrument. We later learned at trial that he claimed he only paid $125 for it at a yard sale.

We filed suit to order the banjo returned and eventually after an appeal, were successful in getting the banjo returned to the person from whom it was stolen.

The law in Tennessee is that the holder of stolen property has no greater rights than the thief, so the downstream holder/purchaser of the stolen property has no right whatsoever to the property. The thief had no legal ownership, so anyone to whom he sells the property has no legal ownership of the property either. The downstream purchaser is left with nothing but a legal claim against the person that sold him the stolen property.

The holder of the banjo in this instance, claimed he was a bona fide purchaser as he had no knowledge of the theft. Again, the law did not recognize this theory.

The story becomes very different if you take your cue in for repairs and the repairman sells it against your wishes. The act of voluntary surrendering the cue to the repairman changes everything. In that instance, the rightful owner is left with only a claim against the repairman for selling the cue. The downstream purchaser does become a bona fide purchaser and has good title to the cue. The rightful owner cannot, in Tennessee, bring a claim against the downstream holder of the cue for its return.

First order of business is to file a police report on the stolen cue. That at least establishes that it was stolen, that a report has been filed, and down the road, can be useful.

I play with a Southwest. My insurance company, Cincinnati, has photographs of the cue and has it insured for replacement value. Its not very much, about $100 per year. It won't get the cue back but at least gets you some money to replace the cue.
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