Stolen Cues


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I lost my really nice 30-year-old freshly refurbished Meucci and two shafts this week. Sold it to an AZB member who paid immediately. I shipped it within 24 hours via USPS, and it disappeared. No activity on the tracking number, nothing. It's been five days now. I refunded the buyer and now I'm out the shipping costs, the entire value of the cue, and a lot of my time. This sucks but it appears that someone at the Post Office snagged it before it got scanned, even once. I have the pickup confirmation and video doorbell footage of the post office carrier picking up the tube but the Post Office says no scan, no proof.

Contact the USPIS (postal inspection service) and show them that video

They will drop a hammer pretty hard


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Update : after 6 days missing, the cue finally shows up on tracking. Interestingly, the USPS tracking report shows that it arrived in Fort Myers Florida two days before I shipped it from Chicago. Ultimately it did finally show up, 4 days late, but in the end, the buyer got his cue. I think USPS is not the best way to ship cues, particularly if the label shows that the package is insured.