SVB/Chohan Updates


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Mike I support what you are doing so I am never knocking you , I am only trying to understand the #'s and a i am not a #'s guy 😉
So is part of Tony's rise also on account of the top players #'s almost all going up?


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i think they do count one pocket now. his fargo was lower before they did.

anyway, he's a great player even in rotation, but he seems to like playing it about as much as shane likes one pocket. he didn't want to go to the intl open, didn't want to go to the US open, don't bother much with the 10-ball. says being on the MC would mean a cut in pay for him. maybe true, maybe just talk
Of course, Tony is right about this.

He is one of very few that can earn a living in the fringe disciplines of pool and if he shifted his focus to 9/10 ball, which still might not land him a Mosconi Cup spot, he would likely earn much less at one-pocket. He knows that it's one-pocket that brings home the bacon.

Tony is one smart fellow, and he knows where to invest his time and money with respect to pool.


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