Team Name Help Needed, but this might offend...


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I can't think in female terms :)

But here are a few::::::::::


"All Rack and No Balls"

"Stroke This"

"Primed and Ready"

"Come and Get it"

"Fast n Loose"

"Feelin Lucky?"

"No Slop"

"Whos Your Daddy"
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i like Chicks with Stix

or Chicks With D!cks

hope i dont get ban for this :( if someone gets offended i will take it off sorry in Advance
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The Bearded Clams...

Billiards and Boobs

The Brass Pole Girls

T.I.T.S. - The Incredible Tight Shooters (sure there could be a better acronym)



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out of your league

meat curtains

drainin' balls

drainin blue balls ( 10 ball league)
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we dont feel cocky
stick lovers
Where u puttin it
call the hole
The vagilanties <-------- i like
Street corner hustlers
You cant even hit the sides
big time bangers
The first bangers club
left our sticks at home
Thats a big purse

i will think of some more later. lol
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Name,all ladies team

The Five Furry Pockets, or The Furry Pocket.

Rockn Pockets!
Foxy Holes
All Felt Up.
Scratch This!
Knock around my Box.


Tatuaje in the house&#129304;&#127995;
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we play with thick shafts.....
grabbing thick shafts.....
thick shafts rock....
girls rock the thick shafts
we all got shafted
down south sisters
riding the 9

just a few....