Team Name Help Needed, but this might offend...


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Sorry if I offend anyone with this thread...

But my all-female team for Vegas is looking for a good team name. One that is fun, related to pool, sexual, and that the BCAPL will use.

Yep, I said sexual. lol.

We are looking for a team name that when written in my blog or FB or on AZB, it makes you wonder if we are talking about pool or not! lmao.

A friend of mine has a team name called "Just the tip." It's hysterical when she uses it in a sentence! :grin:

We want the same sorta- thing. But we haven't found the perfect name yet. :( So, we decided to go to the experts for help - AZB Forums!

Here is a sampling of what we have considered (most of these have come up during league nights, ironically, lmao!):

come with a stroke
come with a shot
smooth stroke
nice and easy
getting lucky
we got the balls

For example, "Nice and easy going to league tonight."

Team members are: Connie, Me (akatrigger), Monica (mandersotx), Ashley (Hell on Heelz), and Jennifer (JennyPav).

For the team name we choose, as a prize for our thanks, we would like the winner to choose the color of the cause ribbon we will put on our shirts. (lavendar - general cancer, yellow - support our troops, pink - breast cancer, etc).

Hope you can give us a hand. ;)
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I kind of like "Ball in Hand". ;)


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"Luckboxes & Funboxes"
"Sandbags with Funbags"
"Sticks, Doesn't Swallow"
"Raggin', Laggin', & Sandbaggin' "
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um... all women... hrmm... "strokes with soft hands" or "soft hand strokers"; cuz y'know, you women and your hand lotion and soft skin...

oooor... hrmm..."our strokes aren't the only things that are smooth", but i bet that's too long. i'll let the other geniuses here this out, we don't have team names in my part of the pool world.


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Dolls with Balls

The Shark Sisters

Screaming Divas

Ball Burners

Chix with Stix

The Maneaters

Racks and Cracks
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Let's see here: gotta be kinda pool related, sexual, hmmm..........

Got it: No Holes Barred. (assuming, of course, this isn't a 1-hole league)


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Hi Melinda!

I love my Wednesday night team name and it might fit perfectly.

"I'd Hit That!"

Hope this helps & good luck with the name search! :)


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Nits with Tits (not saying anyone is a nit, but that's REALLY funny)
"Save the 9, Ride a Cowgirl" (only applies if it's a 9ball league)
"8 Balls, 15 holes"
"Dirty Fivesome"
"Orgy Porgy Pudding Pie"

hahahahahahahahahaha this is TOO much fun

"Kickin', Stickin' & Pumping"
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Railer Trash
Roll on the Slate
We'll Spin your Balls
The Racks
Sugar my Ass
Strokin' and Pokin'
We want Alimony
Where's Your Stick
Beat Down Babes


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they might take you up on this . . be PREPARED . . .

Stroke Our Racks

Pick any color ribbon you want . . . I just want a team photo . . . maybe like Jeanettes . . .
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Tight pockets (edit... damn, I guess LGSM3 was thinking the same thing)
Stroke with follow-through
Easy pockets
Poke it HARD
Stroke it easy
Titties will get 'ya everytime
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