"The Birds Of Prey" by Bill Schick


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I had the pleasure of seeing this cue in person and the details are just mind bending and awesome.
The cue was being displayed by Little Kenny (fourkingscues) and all questions need to be routed directly to him as all I am doing is posting up pictures.
Yes, this cue was available and it will be an great addition to the big collections.
With the poor lighting condition for close up work, I do hope everyone sees the images and enjoys some great work by Bill.







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Hey Mryon,
Thank you ,,great pics,,,if any interest pls contact me but e-mail KC7665@aol.com or by phone,,267-257-8323..Bill Biggest cue ,,,For more pics and price ,,contact me

Little Kenny


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Best of the Best box cue

Pictures does not do any justice. Lots of detail workmanship on this cue. Ivory, gold, silver and super scrimshaws I had this cue in my hand at SBE all I can say is AWESOME!!!:thumbup:
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I am absolutely, 110% speechless on this. Many have said it before but every cue of his is another reason why he is a HOFer.

Superb cue, someone should acquire it really, really soon.

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This cue was on display at the ICCS last year - it was the only cue Bill brought. It was so amazing that it's beyond words.

The subject of scrimshaw was a hot topic at the cuemaker's roundtable. The cuemakers sure did have some opinions on what merit was to be given to a cue which had someone else's scrimshaw work in it.

This cue is the prime example of the art in it's highest form. Not only did the cue maker build a rack solid cue with flawless inlays he also engraved the ivory exquisitely.

Went out to dinner with Bill and several others on Friday night. Bill told all of us how he got into engraving and who he learned from. It's an incredible story and the fact of the matter is that Bill was fortunate to have apprenticed under one of the top five engravers in the world at the time and one of three engravers considered by the government to be good enough to make currency plates that would pass for the real thing.

Whoever acquires this cue will have a truly rare piece of art in their hands.