US Open 10-Ball Entries coming in fast


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US Open 10-Ball and One Pocket Player Update...

In the past 6 days alone we have received 27 entries for the US Open 10-Ball Championship. There are only a handfull of spots remaining in the 96 limited field $25,000 added event being held May 14-19, 2012 at the Riviera Hotel & Casino.

The US Open One Pocket has 40 our of the 64 field. It is held May 10-13 just before the 10-Ball.

Both are held in conjunction with the BCAPL National Championships.

The late fees for both US Open events are now in effect. Players, time's a tickin'

You can view the player's lists for both events at
be aware though that some entries have not yet been entered into our database, once that step takes place, then their name is visible online.

Contact me if you have any questions or wish to enter.
Holly :)

Mark Griffin

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US Open entries

The player lists are here:
Go to:
Click on the link for the event you want to see the entries.
The names are at bottom of page.

The US Opens are CSI events - not BCAPL events.

I hope this helps - (I could not find what you are calling player list link).

Mark griffin

Holly, FYI, the player list links for either event aren't yet working.


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Thanks, Mark. That was the page I was on but didn't scroll down. At the top of the page to the right is this info:

4th US Open 10-Ball Championship
$25,000 Guaranteed Added
May 14-19, 2012
Riviera Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada

Spectator Ticking Pricing, Information and Order Form

List of Scheduled Qualifier Tournaments

Tournament Rules

Event Press & Media Kit

Registered Player List (TBA)

2011 Results

All the stuff in bold were links but the "Registered Player List" wasn't clickable and said "TBA" so I figured the list wasn't actually up yet.

jay helfert

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I wanted to play in the One Pocket, but when I saw the list of players I thought better of it. :rolleyes:


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The 10-Ball is just about full. Players call, but we require the entry fee paid before being considered actually entered. As of this moment I have only two spots that are conceivably open.

WILL BE SOLD OUT IN 24 hours. If you've been "thinking about it" or "plan to enter" ya need to call me at the CSI office at 702-719-7665. ya wimp :) get up dude