US Open 9B October, 2022 -- Atlantic City


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Lechner and Chen would be my picks from the under 800 group that have the best shot of winning.


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Where can we find the prize money breakdown?

From Matchroom's site



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They’re premiering the Shaw-Corteza match. I hope they shaw the Ko-Corteza too.


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What is impressive about this year is that it has the best draw in recent years in terms of high calibre of players remaining, even distribution in both halves plus no major upsets in early double elimination stage.
Any of the remaining 10x800 can still win the whole thing if they get the rolls, hit peak form, master the break, have a great hairday :LOL:
But IMHO, the ideal final would be Filler v Chang cos they are the biggest monsters from these last 16. (I think Chang has better head to head over Filler though is probably worst closer of recent times having lost many finals).
No easy task as they each first have to fade 3x800 (likely Kaci, Ko Ping Chung and Lee Van in case of Filler and FSR, Kazakis, Biado in case of Chang) . That means the eventual winner has to beat 4x800 consecutively which is tall order
Other dark horse finalists:
Top Half- Lee Van Corteza, Ko Ping Chung
Bottom Half- FSR, Biado



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Everyone has to be pulling for Chris melling to win the whole thing?
Plays fast, best ever 8 ball run out, lovely stroke and is old school- in his match room interview he was more concerned about the price of a pint!!
well im not sure whos all left, but yeah who doesnt love chris
all you mentioned plus always seems to have a wonderful attitude