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Im interested where one can download some pool videos?
are there anyone who can upload some video to share with others ?


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youtube is a good source

For example

If you install the Mozilla Firefox browser, the Tools menu offers Add-ons.
Installing two of these

Download Helper
Fast Video Downloads

will put an icon on you toolbar that will enable you to convert most video formats into either .avi or .wmv and save them on your hard drive as you watch them.

The download is far faster than the playing time of the clip, so you don't have to spend much time downloading a clip.

Great for preserving any video files you find on the web. It captures those files that say they cannot be downloaded.

Using software such as Windows Movie Maker clips can be combined into larger files of, say, complete matches.

Some downloads that will play as WMV file have glitches that cause them to stop when combined into a Windows Movie Maker file. Don't know if this is caused by the downloading, or was a problem with the file when it was posted on youtube.

Have fun.
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thanx a lot.but I already know youtube and seen lots from it/
and still are there any special webpages dedicated to this topic?


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There used to be one called but it went down. has excellent 3-cushion billiards videos, and I think links to a smaller page that has a handful of pool videos, but I can't find that link now. They weren't too great except for an 8-pack by wu chia ching.

What people figured out is that instead of running their own website, and spending their own money, they can just use youtube instead. There's a TON of good stuff on youtube. And even though there's a 10 minute limit with it, you can now view them in higher quality (in some cases) and there are some who work around the limit. BClub has a special youtube account and their matches can go past the 10 minute limit. Others post videos in parts... like the color of money took 80+ parts but if you don't mind clicking the next part every 10 minutes it's not too bad.

Unfortunately, youtube is it. Other sites stopped bothering cuz there's no money in it. Some carried pool torrents (like the one I linked) and got shut down due to legal issues. Other people would upload pool movies to sites that allowed longer videos and higher quality (like but those sites also went under because they couldn't compete with youtube.

Good luck.


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look at the live stream thread. many ustream users archive their videos. play7665 is my favorite.