We Lost Tommie 1351


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I don't normally post on threads like this, but this man deserves some words.

We never met, nor did we ever do a deal, but we spoke numerous times on the phone about various cues and cuemakers and I always hung up feeling like I just spoke to a decent, genuine man.

You could tell that he was never trying to pull one over on you and his intentions were always good natured.

May your soul rest in peace, sir. You were one of the good ones.



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Been. Tough year on AZ. We lost some great people. Did a deal with Tommie and he was a good guy. Not easy to write this post. Hope you were surrounded by those you love Tommie! Thank you for your time, caring and generosity.


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Tommie was a class act all the way. I almost bought his gambler cue on a few different occasions. We talked about it a bunch, but were never able to come together on it. He was a very sincere, nice guy to talk to during all of our conversations. RIP Tommie. You're a great guy.


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I am so sorry and sad to hear this...I bought my first "official" cue from Tommie and ever since then had many fun and great conversations with him...he was a true gentleman, loved pool and will be sorely missed...

Godspeed my friend and may you find the peace you so deserved Sweetie...


Ditto...Seemed like a stand-up guy. RIP BrotherT1351...:cool:


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Tommie was my first american pool friend.I bought first cue from him.It was great person and gentleman.He teach me many tricks about shipping overseas and secure payment,package and quality of cues.
Rest in peace my friend...


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bad news

I'm sad to hear that bad News. Dealt with him once and he was very kind?
R.I.P. I'll keep you in best memory


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One of my fav pics of Tommie...he sure did love his hats!


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Such sad news...

This is sad news to learn. Tommie was a great person to work with. He was one of the nicest people on the forum. R.I.P. Tommie you will be missed.



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.I don't know him I put on offer on one of his postings for a sneaky I didn't know he passed I'm very sorry RIP .


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I've known Tommie for over 25 years and he was like a brother to me. This has been a very difficult week, to say the least.

But it means a lot to see so many posting their condolences and well-wishes.

It was no secret that Tommie loved pool, along with buying, selling, and trading cues. But, more importantly, he felt that this forum was like an extended "pool family" that watches out for and supports each other.

I know Tommie valued the many friendships and good memories that he had made throughout his years on AzBilliards.

We'll miss you, Tommie.

Rest in peace & Godspeed.

Michael Langarica