We Lost Tommie 1351


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There aren't enough kind words in Webster's Dictionary to describe Tommie Moser.
His Cues were everything he claimed them to be, His Word was Platinum, and his
Heart was as "big as all outdoors". What a Huge Loss to Our Community.

Rest Easy, My Friend


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Tommie was such a great guy to deal with. The forums and the world just lost a hell of a guy. Tommie thank you for all your wisdom you have shared with all of us. You will be missed . R.I.P.


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rest in peace Tommie...

many prayers to him and his family..

Tommie was absolute straight up guy...

i have had many deals with him and always enjoyed working the next with him.. he will surley be missed by us all..



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great guy that tommie

wow, sad sad day on azb, i got the cue i'm gonna shoot with for the rest of my life from tommie, he was such a great guy, every time i called him he always made time to talk even if i wasn't buying anything, he was good people, more like the best people
rest in peace tommie moser, and thank you for everything, you will be missed


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I first got associated with Tommie a few years ago when the raffles were going strong here on AZB. As you all know Tommie would usually have a Madden or something up for raffle and beyond just hosting he would almost always participate in raffles hosted by others. I used to do a lot of raffles, and when I first started out I confided in Tommie as to the ins and outs of running them fairly and such. I work shift work a lot and it just didn't matter what time of day or night it was I could always give Tommie a call and he would answer, and he always had time for me, anytime, day or night, with good conversation and sensible answers for whatever questions I had. We got to the point that we talked on a pretty regular basis, even after the raffles started and I started my own forum with hopes of continuing the raffles over there. Tommie was one of the very first members I signed up over there and I gave him a lifetime premium membership when he signed up. I truly miss those conversations with Tommie. One thing for sure, he held nothing back, he'd tell you exactly what he thought every time.
Many don't know this, but Tommie was quite a shooter in his day, until he lost the use of his legs years ago to disease, but even so, he never lost his passion for the game,,,,,,,,,I have thought about Tommie a lot during his recent absence here, and feared that one day soon I would see this very post, and likely by Jim Baxter. Well here it is, and it's a sad day in my heart, and for the pool community,,,,,,,,,, all I can say at this point to my friend Tommie Moser,,,,,,,,, I hope you finally get your legs back my friend, that great ring game in the sky is waiting for you!

(A rant I got from Tommie Moser after receiving a call in the wee hours of the morning from someone wanting him to consign a cue for them)

Tommy Moser (2012)


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Tommie 1351.
I asked him once who who was that a photo of under his name he said I was him playing back in the day. A lefty sharpshooter playing the game he loved.
a nice way to remember him.
Rest in peace my friend rest in peace.


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Sorry to get such sad news. I had two dealings with Tommie, both were great.

On a side note, I know from past experience that the families of those who have passed really appreciate threads like this, even though they come with sad news. They generally know about our cue addiction, but I don't think some truly understand how much of a tight-knit community we really are, and are shocked in some cases to see the outpouring of support, prayers, and condolensces. I assume by this that Jim Baxter was probably a closer friend than most. Please be sure to let them know.


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Tommie 1351 in AZB Hall of Fame Sub-forum

I am crushed with this news.
I have always enjoyed a very special relationship with Tommie.
I always found him to represent the very finest that the AZB (or any) community has to offer.
Highest integrity, friendly, straight forward, trusting, concerned for others.

I will keep thoughts of Tommie with me ongoing and forever. A tragic loss.

RIP my dear friend......

Will Prout

I also started a thread for Tommie in the AZB Hall of Fame sub-forum, which is dedicated to AZB members who have passed on.

I will hold Tommie's family and loved ones in my thoughts and prayers.

Will Prout


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sad to here of tommie's passing....seemed to always have very nice cues for sale and to be very honest....rip..


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Thoughts and prayers go out to Tommie and his family. May he rest in peace. After reading the thread about what a great man he was, I wish that I would have got to communicate with him, but sadly I never did. Sorry to the family, friends, and fellow AZers for the loss. RIP


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Tommie was my first AZ transaction. Over the past few years, we have done a number of deals and have called each other on the phone -- just to shoot the breeze. I will miss him. RIP, my friend.
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Sad news. I feel so many good people have passed away lately.

Here is my memory of Tommie, a cue made by Pierce:


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