What Is The Most Over Rated Cue?


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Worth less, but not worthless.
People buy expensive cues because they can. I got a twelve year old car that runs as good as a very expensive one. That works for me, other folks like expensive new cars so I am not paying why would I care.


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Cue buyers generally fall into two categories: one is the work-of-art collectible buyers and the other is the basic tool buyers. There is NOTHING a hi-dollar 'wait til your kids graduate college' cue can do that a $80 Chinese sneaky won't do as well. To each his own. What i find kind of amusing is that after about 40yrs of playing it seems that the worse a player a plays the fancier the cue. This isn't written in stone but fairly on-point.
I'm canceling my 8 Searings immediately!!!


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People buy expensive cues because they can. I got a twelve year old car that runs as good as a very expensive one. That works for me, other folks like expensive new cars so I am not paying why would I care.
My SUV is 21 years old,you have a new car compared to me.
My wife has a 5 year old car,of course she does!

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Most cues are overrated. Butts are for sure - way overpriced, inferior construction and terrible longevity, shafts depends - CF shafts have solved a lot of issues.

Does anyone make a CF butt? I'd go for that.

It's better that butts be made from newer synthetics to avoid warping as most cues out there don't roll straight and pool is still dragging its feet when it comes to technology. It's 2023 already and cues still suffer from warping and alignment issues. Yeah whatever, wood inlays are pretty (I love exotic woods too), but I'd rather have something I could throw in the trunk of my car and never worry about it. Heck, most cues over time lose straightness even with careful environmental storage. It would be much better to have a tool that remains consistent over the years and is more durable. Most production cues don't roll straight. Buy one of those cue rolling tools to see for yourself. You have to spend huge money with a quality custom cue maker (and most of them don't solve this issue) who has spent years treating and conditioning the wood in climate controlled environment and then totally sealed it. Then you might get a butt that doesn't get out of line at least not for a long time and with care.

Synthetics solve this instantly and for a fraction of the price. Wood is the problem. It's not stable.

It's time to move on folks..... golfers, tennis players and nearly everyone else figured this out decades ago.

Or, keep buying outrageously priced Chinese made wood butts that aren't straight.

Industry prefers you all to keep thinking your inlaid Chinese broomstick is the Excalibur that will take your game to the next level.


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Far from cheap if you're talking about quality. Have you ever seen/played one? I've gotten a couple in trades that were flawlessly made and played great.
I have had 5 or 6 of them, Chinese made cue that most have stickers on them and even thier grips show wear within a year normally. Tried to like them, bought enough to give them a good chance, still don't like them. The difference between a Predator and their lower priced cues is only one final inspection, which is not much on build quality. But the price they charge people for the quality of thier cues... for someone else but not me.


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a broken old korean car gets you from point a to point b. so you can argue one is as good as an expensive car.
few that can afford quality knock others choices.


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If I were to try to sell a cue, I’d immediately say that all others are overrated, while mine is underrated, and value for the money.


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Nice, subjective question, some hilarious answers based on wait time to get a cue.

For me, maybe I got a dud, but I had a tad that hit like a dud. Just no feel, no matter what tip was put on that damn thing. I also had a robinson that was terrible to play with for me.


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It's pure marketing genius to convince someone that an object that is by design perfectly round and perfectly straight needs to be custom made for you.

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