What Is The Most Over Rated Cue?


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The Southwest satin I hit with felt fantastic to me. I happen to also like Schon. I would say the most overrated products are Predator as well. 100% Subjective and people can spend their money how they wish I suppose.


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This may be a boneheaded question, but for all of you who answer Predator, are we talking about the overall cues or also the after market shafts? I have no desire to get a predator cue, but I do like my 314-2 shaft.


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No, I think many people "understand". They are just looking at it from a different point-of-view than you.

You are looking at it from an investment standpoint. Many on here (myself included) are looking at this from a PLAYERS standpoint. If my thinking was to flip the cue a year later, then no, a Southwest is NOT an overrated cue. Make no mistake here, I am not saying Southwest makes bad cues. On the contrary, they make GREAT cues. But, if you're just wanting a cue that plays well (which is highly subjective), then a $5,000 cue from them is overrated in many peoples opinions. IOW, you can find a "playing" cue with a hit/feel close enough (if not exactly the same) to the Southwest as to save yourself thousands of dollars off the price of getting what you're looking for. Like I said many posts ago, you are mostly paying for the name. The materials, craftmanship, time spent, and finished product are no better than many other custom cuemakers cues I have seen that cost much less (keep in mind, I'm looking at this from a players standpoint).

Obviously, many people feel this way, and...it's their opinions and an opinion is neither right nor wrong.

Bingo! There are cues for players, cues for collectors. The 2 categories intertwine to some extent, but it's still there.


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As far as a playing cue its a SW imo. I've never owned one but i've hit with a few and only one, an older Jerry cue with the real micarta ferrules, played good. All the rest have been ultra-stiff and dead feeling. I wouldn't wait nine days much less nine+ yrs on one.


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Predators are overrated. At least overpriced.
Predator is a middleman for Chinese made products with a cat logo. I went through them "The Predator Group"for some repair work recently on an old predator falcon cue "and I would rather poke my eyes out with a stick than ever deal with those fools again.


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Isn't that all subjective?? I like a very particular feedback from my cues, most Schons just happen to fit that bill very nicely for me so I see it differently than you do. People often ask me to hit with their cue, probably because I still use a wood shaft and they usually have carbon, so far every shaft/butt combo I have hit feels like the tip is made of cork. They never seem to have a nice crisp hit or very much "feel", at least to me. Yet when I ask everyone of them will say that their cue hits great, so apparently what one person likes another may not. So you may think Schon is over rated but odds are there are many who will disagree. There are also at least 3 generations of Schon, Runde, Clark, and whoever is building them now, so far all 3 have been unique.
It is, and I also like the feel of a Schon. I was making fun of people bumping the 9 year old thread and still complaining about a Schon.


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palmer were great cues before margo took it over. it was good when gene balner made the cues. mass produced cues stink as far as im concerned. to each his own though.

everyone is a product of their own generation.


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Carbon shafts. I don't get the hype on those things.
Predator have the legendary wood shafts, but have nothing more than that. Expensive series are not even fabricated by them.


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Carbon shafts. I don't get the hype on those things.
Predator have the legendary wood shafts, but have nothing more than that. Expensive series are not even fabricated by them.
Jacoby been making the their more expensive (Valour and Panthera line cues the last few years)

I do like my Jacoby Carbon fiber shaft and Predator BKrush. I'm not sure they perform any better but I like,e the smoothness of them .


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Super Duper, Black Magic Chalk made by Elves in The Bavarian Forest that cost a gazillon dollars, and is nothing more than Lighter BLUE Chalk that goes on like LIP GLOSS.

Was Kamui making chalk in 2012 or did CocoboloCowboy predict it here?

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The lower end Predator cues (under about 1k).
Schon's are getting too pricy imo, although I like and own a few older ones.
But sadly, in reality all things are becoming over-priced/valued.
Best value cue is any new Joss under $500 imo