What is the perfect age for a new poolplayer?


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Depends on what you are trying to achieve I would think. A world beater, 8-12...??? A average pro, good shortstop, etc.., I would say 14-18. Always exceptions to the rule, and this is just my opinion.


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10 is a good age. By the time he or she is around 13/14. (Good instruction of course and practice time), you'll know if the kid is talented. And if they are, by the time there're 18 or so, they could be top contender material and still go to school and win the college championship!

A young man named Ryan Ward, from Cleveland is a good example. By the time he was 13/14 he was beating a lot of B level players on the Viking tour back in the early 2000's.


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The best players at 15 I know of, was, Jimmy Wells, Keith M, Johnny A, Shannon D. and I think his name was Tony Crosby. All these players started at a very young age. Some of these were beating top players at this age.


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My little one started at 8 she loves to play but not to learn skills. My oldest started when she was 15 she didn't care to learn but has a great stroke she doesn't play very much though. She is an apa 3 right now. She knows alot and likes to learn new things. The little guy is just 6 and barely tall enough. We don't use curs when we play with him its more like air hockey he tries to pocket the balls. He's gotten better


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What is the perfect age for a new poolplayer?

After birth but before death. Anything outside of that will have a hard time making a ball.

Many good players started out playing before 10, usually at a pool hall their parents owned. Seems almost all of the top finishers in the junior program had either parents that own pool halls or parents that are instructors and started playing before 10. My son started when he was 8 and started to really get the game at about 12, he's 14 now and is a B- player that can run out racks at times. Probably to understand spin, position, what a good stoke is, getting good action on draw shots, safetey play, that develops at about the teen years.
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Peewee football starts at age 5 in most leagues. The YMCA has 3v3 soccer and full court basketball starting at age 5 as well.

It seems somewhere between the ages of 5 and 6 kids gain the ability to retain information and be coach-able.

I'm not sure how much retention you'll have any earlier than that.

7-8 would be better if you don't have the patience to deal with smaller kids. Our 7-8 year old JV football team is filled with smart kids. They know a dozen or so plays and a half dozen formations. They can run a no huddle in football and most of these kids understand how to run a trap zone in basketball.

These are all great ages.


What is the perfect age for a new poolplayer?

35-40! First get your life together and don't let this extremely addictive sport pull you in! Unless your a van boening,,,, go to school or whatever it takes to become proficient at something that pays the bills!

Pool is an extremely great passion of mine, I'm glad I started when I was 27, I had my life in somewhat of an order!


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11-12 yrs old.........they can catch up with anyone that started at an earlier age......their comprehension, attention, dexterity and competitive drive are perfectly suited to master the fundamentals and hone their skills set. There are always exceptions but, in general, this is the ideal age in my opinion.


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Any age that's still young enough for them to realize they can make a better living doing something else.


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My son just turned 4 and I introduced him to pool when he came home from the hospital. :wink:

He had a 36" toy table and I have videos of him making shots maybe at the age of 2.

Now he can make balls on a full size gold crown, I don't push it on him but if daddy plays he wants to. He has a short cue and is about eye level with the rail. I'll post a video if I have time.


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perfect imo is when he s having fun. if that would be 5yrs ur 10yrs.... who cares ☺