Who is or was your favorite pool player ever?


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Weather he was or is a champion or just a c player who is your favorite player of all times!

Mine with out a doubt was Mike (geese) gerace, he was a joy to watch ( especially when he was playing good) nobody, thats nobody had the best of it playing Geese even in 1 pocket when Geese was in his prime, just ask Parica he will tell you, as he did in a interview about 30 years ago, well they played about 30 years ago, the interview wasnt that old i dont think.

I seen Geese play his best and i seen him play terrible, didnt matter he still made everybody laugh that was in the pool hall.

I seen him come in my home room and beat the best player in the maryland state tournament, Tom Vanover, Geese beat him in the finals, by kicking an 8 ball in!

And i seen where Geese couldnt beat an egg (but that was in his elder playing years) and he still made it very enjoyable to watch, Gesse was ment to be a pool player and thats what he was, and every time i was lucky enough to see him play i very very much enjoyed it!

Vanover was my idol and the best i ever seen on a regular basis, but Geese was where the fun was at!


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I have 2

North Carolina boys that are the two best 9 ball players ever Wimpy and the Pearl.--Leonard


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Tough Call

I'm going to stay with my Roots, and say Dallas West! Razor Thin Second, Oliver Ortmann.


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Hobart Lamar
Right up there with me. A true gentleman and a joy to play with. Always gave me either 25 or 50 no count depending the length of the game.


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Mark Twain, aka Samuel Clemens...because his wit was almost as sharp as Tramp Steamer's. ;)