Who is your favorite pool players of all times, and why?

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Meaning, Just as the thread subject states. Who is your favorite pool players of all times. I have more than one player that I like. You can have more than one favorite pool player of all times too!
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Shane because his stroke is sick, Earl because he doesn't give a damn about the world and makes every shot regardless, Yang because the guy isn't afraid of anything and has ridiculous composure

Efren because, well, he's Efren. Yukio because his stroke is also unreal, and for anybody who hasn't seen this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsy7AGbX37k
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King T

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Good question???

One Pocket..., Cliff Joyner!!! There was a time when he coudnt be beat!

Everything Else Efren!!!!

Honorable mention..., Bugs, Canon Ball, Earl, SVB!


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Keith, because he is........ Keith. :thumbup:

I like his personality at the table, like his uncommon stroke and how he moves the ball around. Just entertaining to watch!
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Earl Strickland because of his domination in his prime, it was amazing, everytime he showup you can see in his eyes that he is determine to win again


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Mike Sigel - When Mike is on he is so fun to watch. Plus he has a little showmanship.


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I have a lot of local favorites, i.e., Pookie, Baby Huey, Parks, Jennifer, Koren Lee, Hadji. But nowadays, it's Keith. Who didn't know that! :p


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Chip Roberson

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Wade Crane in dead stroke was a wonderfull thing to behold--run out king--and Irving Crane (wonder if they had kin folk) was the best at standing and doing what was called for....


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One Pocket..., Cliff Joyner!!! There was a time when he coudnt be beat!

When was that? I am not sure there was ever a time when Joyner was actually the best 1-pocket player on the planet. Got a year or two you would claim noone could beat him? Not Parica, Efren, Varner, Allen, Mathews, not anyone?

Tin Man

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I tip my hat to Nick Varner

I won't say best ever. But the man has always been my idol in this game.

He isn't possessed of some supernatural ability that just carried him to the top. He always just struck me as an ordinary guy that played his heart out every shot. He worked super hard on his game and willed his way to the top, for a while dominated not just in 9 ball but all disciplines.

Best of all, he is the most humble and down to earth player out there. Always a good word to say about the other players, never making excuses.

I know he is hall of fame, and I know he has many records. But I still think he deserves more credit as he is such an outstanding representative of the game.


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No booze no drugs no dumping no excuses Shane has hof. class . LANDON SHUFFET MIGHT BE THE NEXT SHANE. Two of them ?