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Roy Steffensen

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The Europeans are not travelling for this event now because of many reasons.

As an example, Nick van den Berg is in a position where he receives, or can receive, money from the Dutch Olympic Commitee, if he succeeds in getting medals at either a World Championship or the European Championships. Atleast it was like this also in Netherlands a couple of years ago, and I think it is the same now.

That means that as long as the WPA sanctions this event, the Olympic Commitee will approve it as a World Championship, because the IOC approves the WPA as the World governing body.

So, as long as a low-payout tournament like the World 14-1 is sanctioned it is worth the risk of going, because a medal can mean honour, reckognition and cash from the OC.

Without the sanction, and with even less payouts this year is it really worth it?

Let's continue with Nick as an example.

He plays the Eurotour Austria, and not unlikely, he will play the finals on Saturday. He has to use all Sunday to travel minimum 12 hours (flights only) to get to New Jersey. Add 6 h time difference in the mix aswell.

Then he has to play a round-robin tournament over several days, needing to go deep in the tournament just to break even.

If he succeeds, and wins the event, which is very possible, then he has just few hours before his next flight. That is for Manila, a minimum 12 hour flight + 12 h time difference, to make it for day 1 at the World Cup of Pool in Manila, a single elimination tournament with lots more added money.

Isn't better for him, and the other Europeans who will play both Eurotour and World Cup of Pool, to stay home a day or two after the Eurotour, then go early to Manila and prepare for the World Cup of Pool?

I don't blame any of them for CHOOSING not to go, now as the prize money has been reduced and the sanction has been pulled.

Roy Steffensen

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Understood, and we need an equivalent organization to play hard ball with the Europeans. If their organization refuses to sanction this event then their members need not show up for the U S Open or Derby City or any other lucrative event in this country, including the wpba events. Watch how fast they change their tune when they have a long line of players outside their door complaining about being prevented from playing in American events.

It won't happen but it would bring this kind of stuff to a screeching halt.

You really need to learn what WPA is before writing your posts.

In Europe we have the European Pocket Billiard Federation, EPBF.

The WPA is the World Pool Association, which EPBF and BCA are members of. The board of the WPA sanctions world events.

In the board you have members from each continental representation, like EPBF, APBU (Asia) and BCA. America's member is Jerry Forsyth.

What America really need is a real American organization, to work 100 % within the WPA, not tens of promotors working against eachother.

Bob Jewett

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Understood, and we need an equivalent organization to play hard ball with the Europeans. ...
Umm, no. We (the US) are part of the WPA. The requirements for a World Championship are reasonable, as far as I can tell. If the same tournament as in Parsippany were held in Austria, how many Americans would be willing to go? If you want to hold a World Championship, you have to make it possible for the world to participate.

The US is no longer the dominant power in pool that it was in the 1970s. The world has caught up. In 1975, the US Open 14.1 championship, which the in some sense the world championship at that time, had one European entry. He was an eight ball player from Germany, and he had zero concept of playing safe and break shots were a mystery to him. He finished in last place, just below that year's US Schoolboy Champion.

Look at the top finishers in East Brunswick over the last three years. (How did Bustamante sneak in there?)

jay helfert

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I seemed to have confused you (and maybe others).

When I was talking about 'fast and loose', I was NOT talking about the 14.1 World Championship. This has been a WPA sanctioned event for the last 3 years.

I was referring to the various 'world' titles that DP has had without WPA sanctionings. Although I don't really follow it very closely, DP had several 'world' junior events, at least one 'world' 10-ball event (won by SVB) and those type of things.

Calling events a 'world' championship does NOT make it one.

I think if I was the WPA, I would not like others to call their events 'world' when the sanctioning requirements have not been me. All that does is to confuse the pool playing population.

Even if you don't like the WPA, I hope everyone sees the need for some kind of governing body to keep some kind of consistency and standard in the sport.

Mark Griffin

I agree Mark. Pool needs a governing body run by fair minded individuals. Individuals who can take criticism when it is leveled at them for decisions (and rulings) that we all might not agree with. Individuals who are not so thin skinned that they would carry out a vendetta against someone who has criticized them. A vendetta that includes telling promoters and television producers not to hire someone who they don't like or approve of. That's no way to win friends and influence people.


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many good points raised, The vast majority of players, especially emerging talents need good sponsors or backers. It is critical to their participation in any event.

It would be interesting to see peoples opinions if they personally had to stand the expenses of say a European player, even the very top one's travelling to this event, Austria, and then the World Cup of Pool, with all the time issues as well? If it is $2700 for Max, what is it for a European?

As a sponsor I would like to see the calender re-designed. The number of times the Europeans have to fly home from America or the Philippines to play on the Euro Tour with fairly low prize money is also a great cost. Just one example is this years World Ten Ball, finishes November 30 (Manila), Spain Eurotour in the middle of this and Mosconi Cup (Las Vegas) on 10 December. I am sure this is not just relevant to Europeans, but to most of the top players, but Europe is where my knowledge lies.

Can't help feeling in general schedules could be much better planned, it would be better for everybody.