World Cup Of Pool (9-14 May2021) $250K Prizemoney


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Sad but true. In fact, it can be argued that, among the most elite players, only Netherlands player Feijen has greatly exceeded expectations. Both Naoyuki and Yoshioka of Japan and Grabe of Estonia have been solid as a rock. Every other top player has run hot and cold.

yep. feijen and grabe the best players so far, with their respective compatriots not far behind.


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With their backs to the wall, Slovaks have come back from 2-7 down to tie it 7-7. It is a race to 2 .:LOL: Let's go

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Dreadful pool, just dreadful. Exciting, though.
My thoughts exactly as I watch the Highlight (Lowlight?) reel each day. No question the pockets are tough but so many missed shots and so many scratches on the cue ball. Some of these guys are shitting all over themselves. I like how they've opted for snooker colors on the four and five ball. Wonder how that happened. And the nine ball is butt ugly imo.


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Minnows "lowest ranked" Slovakia upsets favorite Japan and are through to semis . :LOL:
Yup, the meltdown by Japan is complete. Sure didn't see it coming, but I was rooting for Slovakia, the darlings of this tourney. What a story it will be if the #32 seed wins this event.


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Something I've noticed about Boyes and this goes back to his Mosconi days.

It seems that on tougher shots, he'll get down into his stance, but won't actually shoot until the 5 second chime starts.