WORLD POOL CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 June2021) Champion $50K


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Cuescore has April Larson up 3-2 on Chris Melling

Also Styer was down 0-3 to Correia now up 7-4


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Wow, Sky down 0-7 to Babica
Gorst is through to last 64 sending Mark Gray to losers side
Oi lost 2-9 also to losers side
Nikos also through to last 64


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Wow, I'm glad this is almost over. Listening to Tkach and Yates trying over and over to make excuses for Albin has been pretty painful. Gomez and Ouschan are about 20 points apart in Fargo rate, yet we're practically being asked to view this as a monumental upset. With almost no Asians in the field, why not give a little love to the few who are present. Wow, Gomez just misfired on an easy shot two balls form the finish line. Albin still in with a chance at 8-2.

Tkach predicted there will be a nine pack, maybe even more than one, in this event. Yes, the pockets are much easier than at the World Pool Masters, where nobody managed a four pack, but it seems unlikely. If it turns out she's right, I might have to hire her as my stockbroker.


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Maybe it's just me, but Gomez seems to struggle closing out matches. Still a favorite to win the match, but it should have been 9-1