Wrap or Wrapless?

Do you prefer wrapped or wrapless cues?

  • Wrapped with Leather

    Votes: 16 15.1%
  • Wrapped with Linen

    Votes: 28 26.4%
  • No Wrap

    Votes: 51 48.1%
  • Doesn't matter to me

    Votes: 11 10.4%

  • Total voters


Fo' shizzle!
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Current cue has a leather wrap, but next cue is going to have no wrap... this I vow! :)


AzB Silver Member
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No wrap ofcourse. Don't like all those fancy stuff. The first time I've got a linen cue, it felt nice. But after playing a few racks, it's just horrible.


My Pride and Joy
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I`ve used linen wrap cues for about 13 yrs then went to a nice textured leather wrap, but for the last 2yrs I`m a wrapless person and could not be happier.


Really Old School
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After trying them all, I prefer a textured leather wrap on my custom playing cue. Honestly, I can probably play just as well with a sneaky. It just doesn't seem as dressy to me. Pride of ownership plays a role here. I played with a standard linen wrap for years, so I know that I could adjust to one again, but it's not my preference...Tom


you heard the man
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Gotta have a linen wrap. I can't have a leather wrap (schwetty mitts ) and I can't stand the look of wrapless cues

Joe Rogan

AzB Silver Member
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I've tried a bunch of different wraps, and without question elephant ear is my all time favorite. It has the best texture and it's easy to grip even when my hands are sweaty.


AzB Silver Member
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its all in the feel

you get more feedback from wrapless. A player can shoot very well with leather and linen. I have a bore skin leather Phillippi, eel skin Reyes, wrapless martinez. once I get warmed up it doesn't matter. I can switch length, wrap or wrapless- all have the same tips. Kamui II-hard. Its more important to have a stroke- the cue is just a tool. mark


anyone ever use a cork wrap? I have a couple of cues that have them and they feel great...though its hard to find a cuemaker that will do them. It feels soft and smooth, its also pretty easy to keep clean, just dish soap and water. I prefer them because my hands sweat a little when I play and the wrap never feels sticky.


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Hate no-wrap. Eventually my sweat/oils from my hand wear through the polyurethane and leaves a rough non uniform feeling. Wrap with linen or leather is the best IMO


Fargo Rating 597
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my cue used to get tons of oil and dirt and grime in the cheap linen wrap, it discolored and looked really bad. I used to also have a huge problem with the stick chafing and squeaking through my bridge hand.

But, as I play more, I find that sweating a lot (the source of both issues) is a problem you get when you're a struggling noob, it isn't so much about your own temperature or the temp of the pool hall you're at. It seems to magically clear up when you get good and confident.

So maybe if I shot with an irish linen now, it wouldn't matter.

In any case I feel best with no wrap. I tried leather once and it just felt kinda stiff, didn't do much either way for me. Also helps to get used to no wrap if you're gonna be using a sneaky anyway.