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  • Mike,

    Have you looked at Cookies recent posts going back to when DTL referred to me a Child Molester? You acted quickly then. Please do so again? Also, just for your info. Low500 has wiped out 5 of his last 10 posts including the OP of a thread that he opened. I do not want to make you regret allowing me back, but those 2 have come after me with crap Including this Vile Disgusting Stuff from Cookie. Please give it some significant time to settle down before thinking that you may have made a mistake. Also, are you aware that my HMLT is in the off position. I can not post any pics as has been requested by a few of the guys. Thanks in Advance, Rick

    Thanks for taking care of that for me. You were right btw, I did find my activation link in my 'spam' folder. I thought I checked it, but I must've somehow missed it. Thanks again.


    Rich "Megatron69"
    Mike, I put a thread on the For Sale section and was unable to add any pics of the cues I was selling. That option (to add attachments) was not listed anywhere. Thanks, Jay
    Hi there mate, I enjoy the forums, thanks for making me a member!
    I did have a question regarding the forums, sorry if I missed the answer somewhere.

    Is it possible to block posts from certain sections of the forums, i.e.
    "non pool related" ?

    When looking through active posts, the non pool related posts can make finding pool related stuff more difficult, as you can see in the picture, sometimes its pages and pages of non pool related posts. If nothing can be done no biggie/
    Why are the Ginky, Morris, and Rousey sections in Instructors still showing?. No one has posted in looong time. Sure that space could be used for something like maybe a Video section.
    Hey Mike how are you doing these days? Haven't seen too many flame wars so I guess the website is doing decently ha ha, do you have a chance to bang balls around every once in a while? I was wondering if I could change my screenname again, seems like I'm maturing and want to use something a little more factual or possibly any suggestions besides my actual frickin name? Thank you much sir!!

    Hey buddy.. I have an old "for sale" thread I want to delete. I removed the content and then posted a new thread. How do I delete it? Thanks
    Just curious. Why have I been given silver membership status instead of gold? All of a sudden it has changed to silver. I don't believe it is time for renewal. Thanks for your attention in this matter.
    Why can I no longer post a picture from my I-pad, been away a few months and it no longer can upload my pictures.
    Sorry to bother you but I posted a little while ago to the main forum as I referred a friend and she is listed as a new member but still cannot post a reply to the forums or create a post. Would you mind looking into BabyGirl1 status and then possibly deleteing my post for help afterwards?
    I just renewed my gold membership and I am showing a silver and gold banner over my screen name. How do I remove the silver banner. This happened last year and I don't remember how I removed it. Thanks and keep up the good work.
    I have reposted a couple cues in the for sale section. it shows as it was posted but never went into the for sale section. I pay to be a gold member and I cant cues into the for sale section.
    Robert harris
    Hi AzHousePro,

    I recently donated for a 3 month gold membership and wanted to know when that would go into effect?
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