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    A Typical Percentage for Steakhorses?

    MMMMM Steak......
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    Do-Over... Starting a Pool Hall Fresh - WWYD?

    "Who is playing at 1 am?" Me. Not everyone works 9 -5.
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    Do jump cues hammer your cloth?

    I got out the slow mo video to find out where all the marks were coming from since I wasnt hitting the cloth with my tip when jumping. Turns out it was coming from the ball not the cue.
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    People bitching about 7’ tables

    I prefer larger tables but I'll play on anything because pool is cool.
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    Carbon Fiber Shaft Poll

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    Question: Why do People Pay to Sign up to get Slaughtered?

    I had a guy on my team that lost both his hands above the wrist in an industrial accident. The dude loved the game and is a true winner. No quit in him.
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    How much is pool time at your neck of the woods?

    Pool is free on weekdays til 6 with food or beverage purchase. League night is free practice before league and you can keep a table til closing if you want. Otherwise, $9 per hour.
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    The need for joint protectors?

    "At the same time, I’ve noticed the better road players use them, as well as local players." I noticed that too. Once I started using them my game improved as well.
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    Something I don't understand about pool

    Dont forget to add they also want ball in hand for those easy runouts.
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    7 foot diamond ruining my game

    Home tables are for people that already enjoy pool. Those 4 inch pockets with deep shelves are for home tables, not rentals.
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    7 foot diamond ruining my game

    The progression to tighter deeper pockets seems to correlate with the reduced popularity of pool. I speculate we would see the same for basketball if the hoop kept getting higher and smaller as the decades pass. While some want the continued challenge of tougher and tougher equipment, most...
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    Where does SVB rank all time?

    Why would they ask?
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    [UPDATED] APA complaint advice - My new-to-pool player went to a 7 in 7 matches (?!?!)

    I played one session of APA 8 ball . I was a 7 within 7 matches as well. I'd say their handicap system works.
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    Weird things players do .....

    I agree that there is a grain of truth in there somewhere. However, multiple times I saw his opponent foul against him and if he isnt paying attention to his game ......
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    Weird things players do .....

    I played a session of APA 8 ball and the team I was on was mostly younger players at lower skill levels. I noticed one of the guys, after his turn shooting, never looked at the table or watched his opponent. Most times he would have his back turned. When I asked him about it he said it was...