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    You’re looking great Rivercitysledge.

    You’re looking great Rivercitysledge.
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    You betcha

    You betcha
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    Fight night Hennessee Vs Bart

    Starts shortly within the next half hour or so. Im excited. Thanks for making this happen Ray. Its a three way split with the PPV funds. 66% is going to Bart and Henny. Hope you all buy the stream. The more of these we support the more we will get. Each player is throwing in 10k.
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    Who wins?

    If Holden Chin plays Paul Dryden who would win?
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    Corrected poll: who has a moral objection to John and Danny matching up?

    My apologies, my first poll has a mistake in it rendering it inaccurate and useless. So here is take two. The Danny John match up keeps coming up so I think this poll is relevant. Title says it all. Should these two not match up because they don't see eye to eye. You can chose multiple answers.
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    Should a person born male with XY chromosomes be able to play women's sports (pool)?

    Should transsexuals be allowed to play women's sporting events? Boxing, tennis, MMA, archery, swimming, riffle shooting, pool? If yes, At what point is the transition is this ok? When they feel like a woman (say someone like jason hunt decided he feels like a woman one day and wants to clean...
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    Reno Bar Box championships

    Oscar vs Morra up now
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    Svb Orcollo on TAR now

    SVB - Orcollo playing a short race for 500 on TAR right now
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    Storing slate

    Hi whats the best way to store slate so it doesn't warp? I have 3 1inch pro framed slate for a Brunkswick Metro. Any help will be much appreciated.
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    2012 Canadian Cue Sports Championships
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    SVB getting upset

    Ok so its not a pretty site. SVB is angry and on tilt. Hes banging balls and his cue around. I know there is a thread that will be started about this and Id like to voice my opinion off the hop. Its all players that get into this mode. We thought SVB was immune to it. Then fans get...
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    Happy Birthday OLDZILLA

    Happy Brthday buddy. Thank you for everything you do for pool :lovies:
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    Rest in peace, Grady.

    Sad news, :frown:
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    PA State 9-Ball and One Pocket - InsidePOOLmag
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    Shanelle Loraine vs. Borana Andoni "Battle of the Billiard Beauties" @Sandcastle ,NJ

    How is her boob not falling out of her shirt? Its defying the laws of the universe.