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  • Thank you sir for the book.I tried to give you some green but like usual I have to wait.
    Again thanks,
    Joe, I actually moved down to Colo Springs about a year ago. Been playing at Antiques. Hope all is well. Doug
    Thanks for the rep on my Jack Webb post. Comman sense went the way of the dodo apparently, at least in our government.....
    Keep it in perspective. Sometimes pool can center me very quick. I'm sure we have both been there!
    thanks for the rep brother, anytime I'm aggravated about playing I always say that quote in my head, it helps me remember why I play when it gets tough to find the answer
    Hey, glad to see you made it back safe & sound! That is a nice cue, but I'm still enjoying shooting with that Jacoby right now. Plus I need to see if I stay employed this coming year. I did get to work on a proposal for a new project the last two weeks. Supposedly, if you worked on the proposal, you'll be assigned to the project. I put in a 16 hour day yesterday; got home just before midnight. Only put in 9.5 today, so that makes an even 109 for this pay period (so far). Our final review is first thing in the morning, then it goes to the govt. I have our football draft Saturday, but I can probably play Sunday. I'll give you a call.
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