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  • my dad was there in 1940 when the bridge collapsed, he was 17 at the time, he left shortly after for the war in the navy. he was one hell of a man-didnt like pool much, but who is perfect anyways? he was a little bit stronger than a banger but not a C- player. he stood up and looked like Fats(the real one) when he played, my dad wasnt as heavy as Fats but looked much like him in his later years and again had the same stroke stance as Fats did in his later years in exibitions. my dad was a quiet person.

    take care,

    i didnt know you were from Buckley Wa. I'm 90% sure thats where my dad lived in the 30's. Sometime I want to call you and ask you a few questions about Buckley. I know a few things about that town you might not know, and I'd really like to know what you know. Its near the Narrows bridge isnt it?
    Nice talking to you on the phone today! I looked at your joint protector gallery. Truly beautiful work. I love the wood combination's. What are the price ranges for a set of joint protectors? From the cheapest to the most expensive?
    Dear Jim
    First , I hope you are all fine. Mailed with Dmitry and so I wanted to say hallo.
    I ask him for an additional shaft, hornbeam sure. I love my one so much.
    Thank you for all you done, plan to travelle to Omsk a little later (oct).
    Send you a postcard. All the best

    Thanks Jim,
    I have to wait for my case- afterwards I know how long the protector can be. With the actual case there is no space for protectors on the shafts.

    hello Jim,
    my name is Guido and I am from Germany. I really do love your joint protectors for a while. I play a BB RS 3 (hope you know the design) and wanted to know, what some matching protectors would cost- maybe with the old BB-logo with the boar-head on the top.

    Hello Jim,
    I love the look of the JPs. Maybe I will order some in the near future.
    I was wondering if you might be able to make a set of JP's for my cue? Send me an email to tiger37373 at yahoo dot com, and I'll forward a couple pics of the cue for you to review.
    What do you think of this, Wayne.

    thanks for the great product and the fast shipping geart doing business with you.
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