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  • Thanks for the greenie. I'm not normally a smart azz but that guy, well, you get it. lol
    Dub, Thanks for the greenie. Really wish the this entire thread had not been necessary. Shawn is a professional. Never complain about a sponsor. Specially when there are witnesses. HNY to you and yours.
    To one of my favorite AzB-ers. Wishing you a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today. I hope you enjoy it to the fullest with family, loved ones, and friends!

    Hi Dub, Sorry to hear of your impending difficulty. Hope you find something you want to do before the hammer drops. Some of our dealer conferences discussed the future of CE. Strangely, the name Amazon keep jumping into the conversation. That was at least ten years ago. Best of luck.
    Hey Dub, hope all is well. I only wish I kept my prior smoking posts as I knew the issue would pop up again... see ya, RJ
    Happy Birthday to one of my favorite AzBilliards' friends. May the coming years bring you good health, peace of mind, and love in your heart. If you have those three things in your life, you are indeed a rich man. Hope you find time to enjoy today to the fullest!

    That avatar pic was provided to me by JAM, since she knew I was from Maine. I noticed right away that had to be a left-coast lobster, but I wasn't gonna complain.

    And my sister doesn't look remotely like the girl in this photo! :)
    justadub - Like your Avatar alot. You're from Maine, but that looks like a spiny lobster from California, maybe? Won't ask about the holder... she's probably your sister or something.

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