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  • Hello and thank u...I live in remote mountains most of the year without computer and extras....I always enjoy your posts....I hope u are doing well in life....Keep up the great posts....
    Hadda couple of health issues, nothing life threatening yet, lol. Work and life added in there and Im MIA. Hope all is well by you and yours, thanks for the concern.

    Big Steve
    Thanks for the thanks and the stones to bring up a touchy subject but one that is worth posting about. As I have just posted, I don't think that hitting a million balls will make one a great player. One needs to have gifts derived by their time in the womb. The more that women are like men, the better they will comprehend the elements of pool and if they are so inclined, they will profit because of it.
    Now I can't find the thread the. App is in, duh!!!! Sorry, i really want that app, thanks again. I'm in la for two days it's so nice here, it's been 115 in Vegas this summer, brutal, just brutal.

    Best Eric:)
    No, was talking about the perceptions of most Californians as being anti- death penalty, anti gun, pro victim , anti responsibility, anti military etc etc...stance on many issues of the day. I think its pervasive in a lot of the country but many states are way ahead of the curve. Thank you for the feedback
    great thread about the Army Base guys being armed, I am ignorant-I thought they were armed.
    Thank you for the REP, I am out of REP for the night, I will get you tomarrow, it will be about 2,650,000 points. Please remind me. and also thanks for the nice comment, I dont say much in that forum but I read there and see alot of your posts-were on the same sheet of music,

    best refards

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