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  • Hi Ryan,

    Great job on the purple heart shaft for Brad. I am finishing his cue today.

    Brad is a great friend/customer and he has sold of $ 10,000.00 worth of cues for me by promoting to his friends. I do all of his repair work for free for him. When he wanted this work done I recommended you for the radial taping. You certainly lived up to your reputation.


    Hi Ryan,

    When you will ship my cue back, can you do me a favour and mention on your receipt it was for a repair (shaft) instead of a brad new custom predator shaft. I will save a bit on custom fees....


    I need a shaft (13mm) for an old Meucci. I believe it is model 95-2. Its a plain birds eye meucci. No inlays. It appears to have a thin white joint collar ring in the black collar. jemerson23 said you could help me. Hope so.

    Ryan, are you the same person who does work for Mueller's? If you are, how much would it cost me to have a 1st Edition Predator 5K6 refinished? I'm reading in this forum that your work is highly recommended and I would need this done correctly. Thanks, Dan.
    hi ryan, i recently send you an old helmstetter to refinish, i was wondering if you received it. i never got a confirmation from the post office
    Have had them for some time. Does this make them "the old ones"?? Never been my favorites for anything so don't know when anything was changed with them.
    Ryan, you still looking for some Sumo tips.. I have 80 for 50bucks delivered.

    Thanks for the great job on the Scruggs shaft tuneup a couple of years ago. Love my Rat Cue - palm wood. I get to Lincoln for the BCA tourney each April. Have a great Christmas and New Years Ryan.
    just been busy. no internet in the new house. took forever. moved my shop now twice this year. not fun times
    Just looked at my rep's received...hadn't looked at them for a coupla months...thanks for appreciating my musings on the appealing scent of a girls panties, lol.
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