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  • Do you have a date when it will be ready. When I left it with you, you thought 4-6 weeks, getting close to 6 so I was just wondering when to expect it. My games not great but it seems real bad without it if you know what I mean. Thanks Paul
    Are you making any progress on the Muecci Original I left with you at the Midwest tournament,If so when do you think it will be ready? p.s. dont forget the pics, Thanks Paul
    hello ratcues : john107 when i saw user name thought you might be with muellers.
    i liked the looks of the first rat cues never got around to geting one. can you still get
    one of the early cues
    cute girl, someday when Kelly and I have kids I want girls.

    have a good week

    i would like to know how much is your jump/break cues?I tried to check it on your website but it is sold out.i am planning to sell my BK2 and lucasi jump cue so i can get a jump break cue.i am not happy anymore with my bk2.thanks

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