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  • I know you never said you wanted to be the face of pool. But that other guys comment was way off base. and to set the record stright, everyone will tell you I pay out 100%, I make money off advertising and sposnors, NOT players. I don't feel we need to rob the payers of their money. Unlike the other tours out there, I don't take a portion of the prize money. Why do you think there are a number of top pros that siad my tour is the best, becuase of my payouts. and I'd take the orange crush any day of the week.
    borana on the cover of inside pool. i figured before somebody says '' i'll tell em'' i'll tell em.
    juice sez he's going to keep it OG for this weekend...the name is joe and it was a pleasure watching you play at the open....peace
    His playing on 9 ball canadian open as we speak..i will let John know as soon i sees him at the pool hall :) ...
    hey man its Fatboy, the real Fatboy. LOL. I hope your good. are you comming to LA got the Morra/Oscar match? Thats a tough pic. I know alot about both of them-i think they are both suppost to win. LOL. I'm probably going to be there. Best eric
    Glad to see that you're coming to Texas for the Open!
    Any grudge matches in the making that I should start stockpiling for?
    good luck against morris i got a dime on you. When you win youll have to stop out at players and win some of the money im going to make off your match, i could use a beating in onepocket.
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