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  • Hey Chris, are you going to defend your Texas State 9-Ball Championship at the Texas Open in Round Rock,Texas this year?, September is not long off.
    i live in northern cali but i'll be in vegas from the 18th to the 25th. are you planning on going to vegas this year?
    it was good to see you at the Derby, I wasnt around the action-I'll tell you why privatly, it was good to see lots of my friends etc. I hope your good, let me know when your comming west, ill hook you and the crew up. there aint much action here except in May.

    a dime I think, ask Jay. you have a good shot as most of the guys who play a hair better than you wont be there this year,. I hope your good buddy, I wanted you to win the last time you played that big session 2 weeks ago. you got close then I dont know what happened. I admire your game and stania, your a warrior of the first class, please say hello to barry for me and the crew, I will see you at the Derby.
    He got in a car accident and broke his wrist and never let it heal so he could keep playing. Now the doctors want him to have surgery to make it heal right. So, I doubt he will play anytime soon. You should see it. It looks like he has two wrist it's disgusting. He said he would love to play as soon as his wrist heals. Just not sure how long that is going to take. I will let you know.
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