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  • I apologize if I sent you multiple PMs but it keeps telling me I have no sent msgs-

    So the global table isn't going to play very well (I know it's not a Gold Crown but could I get a similar "feel" with the way it's constructed, slate, cushions, etc.)? I thought those tables retail for around $4K new. Is his asking price fair?

    Is there anyone else you would recommend in my area for table tune-up?
    It's an okay entry level pool table, I lost all my info on my phone, so I don't have his number anymore, stolen phone, so this is my new phone.
    The model he has is all rosewood finish. Photos show it in decent condition with some typical use scuffs on the pedestals, originally coming from a pool hall in Woodland Hills. Cloth is worn and will need to be replaced. Wondering if there’s anything in particular I should look out for or any particular questions I should be asking about it when I go see it. I emailed about seeing it Monday and he mentioned he'd be willing to help disassemble it, load it up into his truck and get it to my place (which is not really that close).

    Also wondering if you could recommend a good mechanic in my area. I spoke to Donny Wessels but he said he’ll only work personally on Diamond tables now. He mentioned Steve Leisekow but I wasn’t able to get contact info and can’t seem to find any.

    Thanks for any advice,

    Hi Glen, haven’t posted here before but have been reading posts religiously in hopes of finding a good players table on my limited budget. I’m in San Pedro, CA and usually playing on tables over at Hard Times in Bellflower. I saw in the Sticky of the mechanics directory that you had delivered Global tables (albeit from 7 years ago). I found someone with an 8’ Global Centennial asking $850. I was hoping to get your opinion on this table if you’re familiar with it. I can’t really afford a Diamond or Gold Crown. Wondering if his asking price is fair. Looks like 7/8” slate with 7/8” poplar backing according to him (and their website).
    Keep in mind son, the red reps work both ways, only I have enough friends to call on to turn all of your greens to red!
    King, I know the red rep ticks you off and since I have the power to use it, you just have to take it like a man. You get your panties all twisted because of what Barry does, to no avail. He isn't going to listen to you bashers, he's gonna keep doing it no matter what, so why waste your time?.
    I am very sorry to hear your sad news, I have thought about you all day today. I just want to wish you and your family my condolences.

    Hi Glen
    You installed a 9' Diamond table for my good AZ buddy - Jason in South Dakota last Fall.
    Please PM or call me when you get a chance. I have a table at my mother's home in Port St Lucie, Florida that needs to be disassembled & then reassembled. The table is an 8' Mosconi. My mom is having new flooring installed on March 24 & needs the table moved so the laminate flooring can be installed. I know you are very busy. Please call me at (561) 685-9794 Cell when you get a chance.

    Thank you
    Ryan Fears
    Keeping you posted. Need table in Grand Rapids, Mi March 21-23 for !st. Annual 2-Man Team 3C Tournament. Table needs to be set up for the Diamond Challenge!


    I have the cushion rubber ready. The body of the table is completed. The rails have been molded and are awaiting the proper design/fastening of the corner-blocks to the rails. That is really the final piece to the puzzle.

    I will order a piece of Simonis 300 as soon as I see the completion of the rail/corner-block attachment.


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    Sent: Saturday, January 11, 2014 2:19 PM
    Subject: Re: Completion date of 10 ft. carom table

    Hi Chad,

    Greg wanted me to make sure we are all on board. Does this work for your schedule?


    Hello Glen hope everything is goin good for ya on
    the road.Quick question on the Simonis DVD.
    Does that show me how to cut the pockets and all
    too or is it just a basic walk thru?
    Thanks bud and have a very good Christmas
    Happy Thanksgiving Sir! Have a question for you. A good friend has a Kim Steel table. He wants to know what rubber should be on these rails. I believe he said it has K-66 on them now. I haven't seen the table, but he says the nose is too high and is pinching the balls. Thanks in advance for any help you may offer.
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