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  • Ron,

    Eric's cues hit really really good....a nice stiff hit....the taper he uses is similar to one of an old kersenbroch....I have been really good! Are you going to make it down to the open this year??

    Hey Ron, tried to rep you. I guess I need to spread some around :?
    Hope all's well, friend!
    Hey Ron...I just noticed we have the same birthday...you do have me by 17 yrs. though. Hope you are enjoying your new Gus...which shaft you like the best?
    Hey mate...everything great here. Baby Neo and wife are 100% Send pics of the Gus when you get your caps made. Si
    Hey Ron: Thank you for the reps+, I will repay you with reps in the future. Your question is about the protectors or shafts?? I was unclear on what you where asking. Regards
    hey hope your good, thanks for all the REP, I'm going to try and go up the REP ladder a bit, for the next month, its kinda fun.
    21 wow...if one of those decides to fall off the back of the truck for a decent price you should let me know for sure! It's no fair ;-)
    Hi Ron,

    Made it back from fishing and probably going back this weekend. I bought a new "project boat" so I've been spending some time trying to get it going.

    How you been, my friend? Any new cases lately?

    Take care,

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